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Stats and levels are gained very similar to Western RPGS such as Oblivion. Running around causes your running/speed stat to increase; fighting causes the fighting stat to increase; getting hit causes the defense stat to increase; and so on. It’s definitely an interesting change from the usual Japanese RPG formula (well Final Fantasy II tried this long ago, but that was a long, long time ago), but it fits right in with the rest of the game and how it tries to feel “different” from a normal RPG.

Another unique aspect is the outfits/costumes you can acquire and wear. These can be found throughout the game and are basically the equivalent of job classes. Certain weapons/skills/actions can only be done when specific costumes are equipped such as the Chef can attempt to cook food from meat dropped off enemies. It’s a nice system and flows really well with the rest of the game.

Graphically Contact looks quite nice. The sprites are fairly simple and some, such as Professor, definitely seem like homage to Earthbound. The backgrounds on the other hand look gorgeous and the stylish parts of the game are just perfect. The music, like that of Killer 7 and Champloo, is fantastic as well. The beats are creative and the music will stick in your head for days.

If there’s any weakpoint of Contact, it would be that like in Grasshopper’s other games, the basic actions (shooting, slashing, and here battles) do get a bit old rather quickly as you just watch Cherry hit, than the enemy hit, than Cherry hit, repeat. The special attacks, large number of weapons, and other aspects of the game work to keep it from every getting too boring, but it still could’ve been a bit better and a bit more interesting. Despite this, the style and story drive the game so well that a little repetition does little to harm the overall enjoyment of the title. If you enjoy imaginative experiences and want a taste of what the DS was built for, Contact is a must buy.
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Region: Japan
Publisher: MMV
Release Date: Mar 30, 2006
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