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s one of the most studied female OTC methods of contraception in the world, Today® Sponge efficacy rates are well documented. The method-effectiveness rate of Today® Sponge is 89% to 91% when used according to label instructions for every act of intercourse.2 Proper use means thoroughly wetting the Sponge with tap water before insertion, leaving it in place for six hours after the last act of intercourse, and having it in place every time intercourse occurs. Without proper and consistent use, women can expect a use-effectiveness rate of 84% to 87%.3


Twelve Month Efficacy Rates Per 100 Women


of Women

United States

87.3% - 90.3%
81.3% - 84.7%


89.4% - 91.8%
86.0% - 88.6%


89.0% - 90.8%
84.5% - 86.7%
Adapted from Today® Sponge Labeling

*Method-Effectiveness: The level of effectiveness expected by women who follow the printed instructions exactly, and who use Today® Sponge every time they have intercourse.

** Use-Effectiveness: The level of effectiveness which can be expected by a large group of women, some of whom either fail to use Today® Sponge correctly or do not use it every time they have intercourse.

This suggests that increasing familiarity with the sponge increases success with it.

The figures described above are taken from the full range of clinical research conducted with Today® Sponge. Although other efficacy rates are sometimes cited for Today® Sponge, such rates are not based on
the sum total of the worldwide data that were submitted for approval of the product.

Because Today® Sponge is made in one size, questions have been raised concerning whether its efficacy might be altered in parous women (women who have borne a child) due to possible enlargement of the vagina after childbirth. A difference in efficacy based on parity would not be expected, as the primary mechanism of action of Today® Sponge is the release of spermicide into the vagina, which would not differ between women who have or have not borne a child. In fact, the combined data from all centers U.S. and international participating in the clinical trials, demonstrate that there is no significant difference;in efficacy between women who are parous and those who are nulliparous (women who have not borne a child).2,4 Today® Sponge is equally effective in all women, regardless of their previous childbearing history.


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