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NHL launching Social Network CONNECT

It's the kind of idea that probably should have happen sooner - the NHL is creating a social network in the vision of MySpace for communities to form around groups of people that already are extremely pationate about something (the sport in general, their team, etc).  The community will be called Connect; you can see a preview here.  ESPN, MLB, the NBA, there is no reason not to tap into this market, since their fan base is already committed to the point of fanaticism, and would a dedicated community would spread like wildfire.

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Overplot - Overheard in New York and Google Maps

Overplot is great mashup between Overheard in New York and Google Maps.  For those not familiar with, its a website where people post the crazy things they've overheard in the city (they have a sister site, Overheard in the Office).  now with the power of Google Maps you can stroll down your street and read as you go what rediculous things people have posted as having overheard in each location.  Bother sites are hilarious and definately worth a few minutes poking around.

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Yahoo Messenger and MSN (Windows Live) Messenger work together

The proposed interoperability between Yahoo! Messenger and MSN's Windows Live Messenger finally went live today.  Now when you use one, you can add your buddies from the other, and talk back and forth.  This gives Yahoo! and Microsoft a comparable userbase (around 44%) to AOL Instant Messenger, which has itself about 56% of the market.  The numbers aren't perfect, since there are other messenger programs out there (Google Chat), but most people use more than one at this point.  When Google Chat becomes interoperable with AIM, then it will become much more significant in the market.

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Visitor and Page View Information for k.b.$

If any of you are curious about the website traffic, Tuesday July 11 2006 was the first time I reached 100 visits (and 141 page views) in a single day. In the last week I'm averaging 56 visits a day and 83 page views, or almost 1.5 page views a visitor. While this doesn't sound like a lot, it's definate progress! Driving much of the traffic is my recent article mentioning the AT&T "see how they live" campaign, and to some extent the Technorati tags I've been more consistent about.

If you are usings RSS, and haven't switched over to a FeedBurner version of the feed, please resubscribe to the RSS for the website:

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Firefox 2.0 feature list

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Beta 1# Built in Phishing Protection.
# Search suggestions now appear with search history in the search box for Google, Yahoo! and
# Changes to tabbed browsing behavior
# Ability to re-open accidentally closed tabs
# Better support for previewing and subscribing to web feeds
# Inline spell checking in text boxes
# Search plugin manager for removing and re-ordering search engines
# New microsummaries feature for bookmarks
# Automatic restoration of your browsing session if there is a crash

Why is that its easy to love Firefox? Look at some of the features coming out in Firefox 2.0.  Phishing protection, changes to feed subscription so you can add the feed to any agregator of you use, in-line spell checking, session restore for when your browser crashes, and closed tab history for when you accidentally close a tab.  All of these are features that I currently use through extensions, but within a few months Firefox recognizes their value and makes it part of the full build, so that they work completely seamlessly and create a more powerful experience.  This type of commitment to the application is why Mozilla is seeing such growth in the use of Firefox.

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Be Zinedine Zidane; headbut Marco Materazzi in the World Cup game

Here's the clip of Zinedine Zidane headbutting Marco Materazzi in the World Cup game....

Want to give it a try? Click here to be Zinedine Zidane and see how many Marco Materazzi's you can head-but. (move your mouse, click to headbut)

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MSN Fanclub - Manage a real minor league team

MSN Fanclub: Reality Baseball is actually a cross between a reality tv show and minor league baseball.  From the producers of Project Greenlight, the HBO show reality show about filming a movie, comes the opportunity to manage a real minor league baseball team - the Schaumburg Flyers.  The Schaumburg Flyers, an independent baseball team near Chicago, will take orders from the fans for battling lineups, fielding positions, and pitching rosters, among other things.

This was actually done once before in 1951, when Bill Veeck allowed fans to run the game decisions between the Philadelphia Athletics and St. Louis Browns (fans deciding for the Browns) for Grandstand Managers Day.  The Browns won the game 5-3.  Veek wrote in his autobiography that "never has a game been called better."

They will not force the team to make rediculous moves like switching a catcher and a pitcher.  MSN will be selling the advertising around the online site, and even adding in product placement in areas such as the team bus.

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