Dealer Rights
Buy Dinar for $725 per Million!

I am offering YOU the opportunity of a lifetime. By purchasing these Dealer Rights you will be able to buy Dinar for $725 per Million. Buying Iraqi Dinar is one of the hottest and most sort after investments that this generation has ever seen. I am offering you the opportunity to sell it, just like I do and possibly experience massive profits day in and day out. Most other dealers sell Dinar for at least $1000 per Million. That is a $275 profit per sale. If you sell just 1 Million Dinar a day (generally 1 sale) at the end of the week you will have made $1925 US profit. I read an article the other day that said, ‘the top Dinar sellers are selling up to 1 Billion Dinar a month’. Do the math: That’s about 33 sales a day! The top Dinar sellers according to this article are making (based on $275 profit per I Million Dinar) $63,525 US a week! Do you understand what I am saying?? This is big business! And you can have a piece of it! Not only that, but when the Dinar finally booms, you’ll have a huge inventory of stock to cash in! It really is a win-win situation.

After purchasing the dealer rights I will send you all the details of my business partner in Jordan, who supplies me with all my Dinar at the same price that you will be getting it for. I have been supplied with millions upon millions of Dinar and all have been shipped quickly and handled professionally. My partner is very trustworthy and can handle any amount of order that you may need. Many of my dealers have been working with my partner and I have heard nothing but good reports. He is held in high esteem among many.

I am also offering you my personal email address with any dealer rights purchase. You will have unlimited advice and coaching on how to set up every aspect of a Dinar selling business. You too can experience massive profits just like I am. This alone is worth the cost of the dealer rights!

For those of you who are really interested in starting your own Dinar selling business, I am offering you the chance to purchase Master Dealer Rights. This entitles you to sell Dealer Rights, just like I am doing, and gain extra profit for the business. You can charge as much as you want for Dealer Rights but you cannot charge less than $379.

If you want to get into the business of selling Dinar, or just want to get it at wholesale prices for yourself, family or friends...the prices are as follows:

Dealer Rights - $379
Master Dealer Rights - $579