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Welcome to aads.gamerplug.com, the Tribes Aerial Assault Dedicated Server Distribution site. Here you will find everything you need to download, install and configure a dedicated Tribes Aerial Assault Server.

"Packet Loss" Bugfix
May 13 2004 by Tyler Lott
Version 0.4.1 of AADS has been posted. This may resolve the packet loss users have experienced when certain conditions are present.

This is on the downloads page now.

May 12th, 2004
May 12 2004 by Tyler Lott
At 9:54 PM EST, AADS was officially released to the public. Enjoy.

I have worked with a handful of testers for the past two months, testing numerous builds in preparation for today's release. Thank you:

  • Capn Morg
  • Linkin
  • Boriquaman
  • FAQU
  • Blitz Ace

    More importantly, thanks go out to toni and Leknor for their numerous contributions to the project in the past year.

    And finally - ABOVE ALL, thanks to Ricochet, biscuit and the rest of the crew over at Inevitable for their dedication to keeping this corner of the Tribes franchise alive! I could write so much more about the dedication I've observed while doing my small part, but, alas, I need to play tech support!

  • TeamWarfare and Public AADS
    Apr 03 2004 by Tyler Lott
    AADS has now been publically released. As a result, we are taking steps to ensure that teams can properly opt to use these servers for TeamWarfare matches. Duel matches are now permitted to be played on private servers, following the guidelines located on the top of the Tribes AA Duel Ladder Rules page. We do not yet permit CTF matches to be played on private servers. Currently, we are integrating toni's OTTO onto the AADS homepage, enabling teams to schedule their own matches automatically with OTTO. Until this is complete, you may not use your servers for CTF matches. GTT is expected to follow suit.

    Thank you. If you have any questions please contact Linkin or TySoft via email or IRC.

    Missing .dll or .sys When Trying to Execute AADS?
    Apr 03 2004 by Tyler Lott
    Please click here to read about this issue.

    Accessing AADS Telnet under Windows 9x or NT4
    Mar 28 2004 by Tyler Lott
    The version of telnet.exe included with Windows 95, 98, NT4.0 and possibly Me does not support much of the color formatting that AADS uses. If you run one of these operating systems and are trying to administer an AADS server, I suggest you download and use KevTerm instead. I have mirrored the 30K KevTerm file right here.

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