Wiley has been a Breatharian for some 30 years and has been giving seminars and teaching his intrinsically learned philosophy for over 20 of those years. A Breatharian is a person who can, under the correct conditions, live with or without eating food.  Wiley was first introduced to the world back in 1981 when he appeared on the national TV show "THAT'S INCREDIBLE" demonstrating his strength by lifting 1100 lbs of weights, nearly 10 times his body weight.  When in a non-polluted environment, (Air or Electro) he sleeps 1 to 7 hours a week.  Although Wiley is now 70 years of age he is still able to lift 600 to 900 lbs of weight without ever working out.

“I am committing myself  to doing 5  Empowered Ascension Initiation” workshops within the next few months which will be for Billionaires only.  The cost will be $1,000,000.00 USD for the 5 days of initiations.  If  you are approved to participate in one of these workshop there will be no refunds of the prepaid cost under any circumstances.  These workshops will be for the first 5 prepaid persons who have been approved by me.  This offer ends September 1, 2006.  After this date the cost of the workshops go up to $10,000,000.00.  NO EXCEPTIONS.” 

(Wiley Brooks, Breatharian.)

If you are not a billionaire or think this is not for real, there is no other information that we at the Breatharian Institute can give you at this time.

If you are a billionaire and wish to know more about “Empowered Ascension” Go to

Ascension-BLUE.htm and read all the information, there of, very carefully; many times if need be.  This is the only information that will be available to you before you are initiated.