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Montgomery County, Alabama
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Certificate NoNamePost Office Cause for which pensionedMonthly rateOriginal date
--Abe GroverMontgomerygsw head & l. arm 18.00--
145365Charles Raydowd. l. hip 2.00May 1877
2200William Moffittdodis. of eyes(Navy) 50.00Nov 1876
4604Augustus O. Millingtondodis. of abdominal viscera 8.00--
39645Frank D. Hobbsdo-- 24.00--
158293John Faydodis. lungs & heart 4.00Mar 1879
200764J. Forrest Simpsondogsw of left side 4.00Jan 1882
50945Francis A. Schultzdochr. opthalmia 6.00Oct 1865
103290Ambrose Boothdomalarial poison 5.66Jun 1870
143706Gustave Gassenheimerdogsw of r. shoulder 4.00Feb 1877
166163Ellen Henrydodep. mother 8.00Oct 1874
30588Mary Feltondowidow 1812 8.00Oct 1880
28731Obedience CottinghamMount Carmeldo 8.00Feb 1880
21884Susannah Musgrovedodo 8.00Apr 1879
32635Eliza Midletondodo 8.00Aug 1882

Transcribed by Gordon Byers, June 15, 2001.
All information was not included for all individuals in the original 1883 publication;other errors and omissions could have occurred.
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