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Melissa Reeves as Jennifer Horton
After a five year absence, Melissa Reeves triumphantly returned to "Days of our Lives" in 2000 and the role of Jennifer Horton, one of daytime television's most beloved characters.

Born and raised in Eatontown, New Jersey, Reeves grew up in a close family environment. "My family always gave me a lot of encouragement to pursue a career in the performing arts," explains Reeves. "My dad is a disc jockey in New Jersey and growing up near New York City, a great cultural center, also didn't hurt."

Reeves initially dreamed of dancing professionally and commuted into New York City to study dance with Phil Black. "I took dancing very seriously," recalls Reeves. "Then I landed some commercials when I was fifteen and that gave me the acting bug."

Reeves studied theatre at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute in Manhattan and soon landed roles in the HBO movie "Somewhere Tomorrow" and the After School Special "The Lakeside High Experiment." Her first foray into daytime television was on NBC's "Another World." Landing the role of Jade Perkins on the NBC daytime drama "Santa Barbara" was Reeves' first contract job on a daytime drama.

Reeves relocated to Los Angles and graduated from high school while appearing on "Santa Barbara," after only one year on the show she was released from her contract when the Perkins family was written off the canvass. In September 1985, one month after leaving "Santa Barbara," Reeves landed the role of Jennifer Horton on "Days of our Lives," a role that earned her four Soap Opera Awards and a place amongst television's most beloved heroines. In 1999, Reeves starred in the made for television film "Half a Dozen Babies," which told the real story of the Dilley family and their six little blessings.

With her husband as the front man of the country music duo Blue County, Reeves recently signed on to be an entertainment host on Country Music Television. She anchors the program and participates in press junkets around the country when her busy taping schedule allows.

The Reeves currently reside in the San Fernando Valley with their daughter, Emily, and their son, Larry. Her birthday is March 14.

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