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Roads have always fascinated me. I love tracing roads and highways on maps and wondering what it's like to drive on them. I love highway signs, like route markers and big green guide signs. I love leaving my worries behind and getting out on the open highway, with no itinerary and nothing ahead of me but the untraveled road.

When I moved to Washington as a teenager in 1985, I was struck by the beauty and diversity of the land. This Web site is intended as a guide not only to the numbers and lines on a road map, but to the places they take us, from the skyscrapers of Seattle to the farmland of the Inland Empire, from the mountains of the Olympic and Cascade Ranges to the coulees of the Columbia Basin, from the sagebrush to the sea.

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.
Paul. H. Henry

Interstate Highways Interstate Highways
I-5 - I-82 - I-90 - I-182 - I-205 - I-405 - I-705
US Highways US Highways
US-2 - US-12 - US-97 - Alternate US-97 - US-101 - US-195 - US-197 - US-395 - US-730
Primary State Highways Primary State Highways
SR-3 - SR-4 - SR-6 - SR-7 - SR-8 - SR-9 - SR-10 - SR-11 - SR-14 - SR-16 - SR-17 - SR-18 - SR-19 - SR-20 - SR-21 - SR-22 - SR-23 - SR-24 - SR-25 - SR-26 - SR-27 - SR-28 - SR-31 - SR-99 - SR-410
Secondary State Highways Secondary State Highways
SR-104 - SR-112 - SR-155 - SR-163 - SR-167 - SR-202 - SR-240New! - SR-243New! - SR-339 - SR-509 - SR-512 - SR-513 - SR-516 - SR-518 - SR-519 - SR-520 - SR-522 - SR-599 - SR-900 - more to come!
Photo: US-2 at Stevens Pass Highway of the Month: US-395
Stretching from Canada to California, US-395 is a major highway in Eastern Washington. 
Previous Highways of the Month
Historic US Highways in Washington
Explore the gone-but-not-forgotten US highways of the Washington that was.
Washington State Highways Almanac
Coming Soon!
The Pacific Highway in Washington
Coming Soon!

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