November 2005


Elizabeth (Tip) Burrows of the Humane Society of Grand Bahama provided the following update on Friday, October 28:

--The West End of Grand Bahama was devastated by Hurricane Wilma on Monday, October 24. An estimated 5,000 people live in the West End; the island’s total population is about 50,000. According to news reports, an estimated 200 homes are badly damaged or destroyed, leaving at least 1,000 and probably 2-3,000 people and hundreds of animals homeless. (NOTE: Later estimates increased the number of homes destroyed to 800, which also increased estimates of the number of people left homeless to 4,000.) Tip reported that people are living in the rubble of their homes, with no food and no possessions but the clothes on their backs. People and animals are drinking contaminated water.

--The Humane Society shelter building survived the storm. Some fencing was damaged, but Tip expects the port authority (which owns the property) will repair it.


--As of October 28, Grand Bahama Humane Society staff had distributed 750 pounds of dog food to residents of the West End since Hurricane Wilma. They had also picked up injured animals for treatment or euthanasia, depending on the animal’s condition.

--The Pegasus Foundation wired a donation of $1,000 on October 31 to the Kohn Foundation, a 501c3 based in Colorado that acts as a fiscal agent for the Grand Bahama Humane Society.

--The Bahamas Humane Society in Nassau sent Inspector Carl Thurston to Grand Bahama on November 1 to spend four days assisting Grand Bahama Humane Society with relief efforts. Inspector Thurston also delivered supplies and equipment. Humane Society International provided some funding to Bahamas Humane to cover a portion of the expenses associated with their relief effort.

--The Humane Society International is wiring an additional donation to the Kohn Foundation.

--ASPCA is wiring funds directly to Grand Bahama Humane. The ASPCA also has provided guidance on treating animals that had consumed contaminated drinking water, as well as guidance on other disaster relief efforts.

--Petco Foundation is donating 32 dog crates.

--The Grand Bahama Humane Society has been told that a donation of medicine from the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, an animal welfare group in New York, is on its way.

--GB Express, a shipping company in Fort Lauderdale that provides reduced-cost shipping services to the Grand Bahama Humane Society, was out of commission last week due to hurricane damage in Fort Lauderdale but expects to be up and running again by the week of October 31. is soliciting additional donations.

--IFAW has offered to assist if help is still needed.


Pinders Point, Grand Bahama, October 28, 2005 - Pups and her family, who kept her safe during Hurricane Wilma. They are now living in the rubble of their home and have no clothes except what they're wearing. Photo by Elizabeth “Tip” Burrows