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Machinima Theater

Machinima is the convergence of filmmaking, animation and game development.

By combining the techniques of filmmaking, the flexibility of animation production and the technology of real-time 3D game engines, Machinima makes for a very cost- and time-efficient way to produce films.

The Austin Game Conference will be showcasing Machinima films throughout the conference in the Technology Pavilion.  Additionally special timed events will take place at the Machinima Theater.  These events are open to all conference attendees.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Machinima Uprising: An Evening with Red Vs Blue
Machinima brings together the worlds of cinema and games, by combining the language of filmmaking with game technologies that help speed up the production process. Machinima stars Rooster Teeth Productions (of the highly popular Red Vs. Blue series, and more recently, The Stangerhood), along with Paul Marino (Executive Director of the Academy of Machnima Arts and Sciences) will look at the success of Red Vs. Blue, as well as the future of Machinima to come.
- Geoff Ramsey, Corporate Banana, Rooster Teeth Productions
- Gus Sorola,  Regional Monkey, Rooster Teeth Productions
- Matt Hullum, District Badonkadonk, Rooster Teeth Productions
- Paul Marino, Executive Director, Academy of Machinima
  Arts & Sciences

2005 AGC Machinima Film Showcase

Let's Get It Started, Dir: April Hoffman, 2004
This music video, by first-time director April Hoffman, shows off the Sims 2 University diverse range of custom dance and music animations. Edited to the song of the same name, April's music video is a small slice of the burdgeoning Machinima music/dance video scene.

PANICS, Dir: Burnie Burns, Rooster Teeth Productions, 2005
The Rooster Teeth boys are at it again, this time teaming up with Monolith and their cutting edge FEAR game. PANICS is a limited series following the exploits of Bravo team as they experience FEAR and funny all at the same time.

Return, Dir: Terran Gregory, Rufus Cubed Productions, 2005
"Return" is the tale of Voldigar of Stromgarde, a grizzled warrior finally returning to his beloved home and bride only to find his past in ruins. Utilizing the World of Warcraft game engine and lore, film-makers Terran "Liadov" Gregory and Ezra "Voldigar" Ferguson take Machinima down the road of the classic cinematic fantasy epic. This short tale is hopefully only a herald of much more to come.

I'm Still Seeing Breen, Dir: Paul Marino, 2005
Filmed entirely in Half-Life 2, the music video "I'm Still Seeing Breen" leads us through City17 amidst its repression by Dr. Breen and the Combine. Set to the song "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin, director Paul Marino intercut footage captured within Half-Life 2, with segments of the G-man lip-synched to the lead vocal track. The video represents the director's intent to experiment with Valve's toolset as well as to create an example of Source-based Machinima. This video was the first Machinima piece to air on MTV's Video Mods series.

Strangerhood Studios, Dir: Matt Hullum, Rooster Teeth Productions, 2005
Created exclusively for the Independent Film Channel, Strangerhood Studios is an offshoot series from Rooster Teeth's Sims 2-based Machinima, The Strangerhood. Following the dark path of large-studio obscurity, indy filmmaker Sam signs on with Strangerhood Studios to direct his first large-budget feature. Unfortunately, the Studio has other ideas for the auteur, as he slowly realizes the path to fame and forture is paved with artistic compromise. Factoid: Strangerhood Studios is the first Machinima series ever commissioned for broadcast.

Person 2184, Dir: Friedrich Kirschner, 2005
"We interrupt your program for an urgent message." Friedrich Kirschner's Person2184 forms a similiar vision as the filmmaker's previous Machinima classic, The Journey. Always the explorer of both art and tech boundaries, Kirschner once again imbues the game engine with media of all types, this time with a good dose of photography and pixelation. Designed as the start of a series of works, Person2184 is an abstract POV into the worlds of lonely and desire.

This Spartan Life, Dir: Chris Burke, 2005
This Spartan Life knocks down the wall of yet one more area Machinima had yet to explore - talk shows. Part David Letterman, part deathmatch, part commentary on game culture, This Spartan Life transposes the talk-show format into the highly hostile enviroment of Halo 2. Host Damien Lacedaemion bring his online game sensiblities into the conversation with offline guests such as media visionary Bob Stein and filmmaker/artist Peggy Ahwesh. Informative, yet humorous, This Spartan Life is a great example of new formats that both embrace and break entertainment traditions.

A Few Good G-Men, Dir: Randall Glass, 2005
"You can't handle the truth!" yells Jack Nicholson's Colonel Jessep in Rob Reiner's classic film "A Few Good Men." Updated using characters right from Valve's own classic, Half-Life 2, Machinima filmmaker Randall Glass ("Warthog Jump") lifts the audio from the famous courtroom scene, and places Half-Life's Barney in the Tom Cruise role, while the G-Man channels Nicholson's likeness and mannerisms (thanks to Valve's new FacePoser tool and custom animations by Glass). A great fusion of game and film culture, A Few Good G-Men has become another net-based phenom as this Machinima piece has been extremely popular across a variety of different sites, including 11,000+ views on alone.

Game: On, Dir: Ethan Vogt, 2004
Game: On is the story of Larry, an architect who enters the world of his favorite video game and is thrust into an unlikely friendship with Jack, the game' protagonist. Larry travels through the game world where he becomes a involved in the virtual mystery of the game, and finally finds the Coastal Road which leads him back to the Real World. A winner of Volvo's ProMotion Pictures contest, Game: On was written and directed by NYU student Ethan Vogt to celebrate the launch of Volvo's V50.

About the Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences

Headquartered in New York, the non-profit organization was co-founded in 2002 by its Executive Director, Paul Marino, an Emmy Award-winning animator. Marino�s Machinima work with the ILL Clan has received much recognition, including top honors at Showtime Networks� 2001 Alternative Media Festival. The organization was founded in March of 2002 by Marino and several leading members of the Machinima community. It is the Academy�s goal to make the both the public and trade aware of Machinima as well as bring support & credibility to independent Machinima productions as a whole.