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adapted online from Prima Publishing's
Every Writer's Essential Guide to Online Resources and Opportunities

(Chapter 14 - Net Research)

  • [Finding People] [Research via Forums] [FTP]
    [Telnet] [Gopher & WAIS] [The Web]
    [An Online Reference Shelf] [For More Information] [Megasource Jumpstations]

    Through these nine buttons you will find over 150 hyperlinks that will jumpstart your research on the Internet. You'll find more Internet applications (e.g., forums, ftp, telnet) than at most sites, as well as the best of the Web. We are excited to provide these resources free of charge to the world at large. Please let us know if you find these helpful, or if there are any inaccurate or invalid URLs. If you like the material here, please see below to get your copy of writers.net of interest to all readers as well as writers.

    In best Net tradition, there are online updates to the book.

    The material within this site is adapted from the book writers.net: Every Writer's Essential Guide to Online Resources and Opportunities, Prima Publishing, Rocklin, CA.

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