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If you would like to contribute an illustration to the archive, please take a moment to read the following recommendations:
I'd like the scan to be as high quality as possible, to allow reproduction as close to the original as possible. Scanning at 300 pixels per inch (or higher) would be ideal, though I will settle for resolutions as low as 150 pixels per inch (especially for full page illustrations).

Please make sure (especially for smaller illustrations), that the scan is at least 640 pixels in the larger dimension (this is the size of the 'large' display on the site).

I'd like the illustrations (even black & white ones) to be scanned in at full 24-bit color (millions of colors).

Please do not let your scanning software 'correct', 'smooth', 'enhance' or otherwise attempt to fix the image.

Please save the image in either an uncompressed or a lossless-compression file format. Good file formats are BMP, TGA, and TIF. GIF and JPG are not suitable.

Opening a GIF or JPEG file and saving it in one of the preferred formats does not restore the image quality.

Feel free to compress the file using Winzip or Stuffit or another file compression utility.

Email the illo, along with any additional information you can give concerning it, to webmaven@cox.net. If you have any special instructions concerning the image, please let me know.

Don't forget to let me know how you would like your contribution credited, and any other relevant information (such as what zine and issue it appeared in).

That's it! If your ISP has a limit on the size of email attachments and the resulting files are too large, or if there is some other circumstance that makes email delivery difficult, let me know and we'll make some other arrangements for file transfer.

Alternatively, if you would like to loan the originals to me for scanning, please contact me to make arrangements.

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