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Download GIS maps

Downloadable maps

Generate your own GIS zoning maps with all your important GPS coordinates.
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Download the GBRMPA Zoning Coordinates.

MS Excel (690Kb)
Acrobat PDF (1.4Mb)

Statutory Zoning documents

The legal instruments that define the new zoning can be downloaded here.

History of the most recent zoning process

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was rezoned as a result of implementing the Representative Areas Program. Through this program it was recognised that the previous zoning did not adequately protect the entire range of plants and animals and should be revised.

The background and history regarding the process and products that helped the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority revise zoning in the entire Great Barrier Reef Marine Park are also available.

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Information of interest to Planners and Managers

The recent rezoning in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia has produced a wealth of information of interest to other MPA Planners and Managers. Much of this information is available online, although some aspects are still being written up.

The new zoning better protects the entire range of plants and animals. To do your bit to help protect the reef, read our Marine Park introductory user information and environmental best practice guidelines that apply to this new zoning.

Latest zoning maps

Zoning maps show the relative location of zones. Zoning maps are based on coordinates (points of latitude and longitude) to help with navigation. The 1:250 000 scale maps have the coordinate boundaries marked on the maps. Inshore, coastal features have also been used to help define and identify zone boundaries to help users as much as possible.

Zoning Maps Here

Zoning maps are distributed through local Community Access Points located along the GBR coast displaying this sticker.

Examples of Community Access Points include bait and tackle shops and boat chandlers. For a list of Community Access Points in your area download the CAPS LIST (Format: PDF, 61kb) or free phone GBRMPA on 1800 990 177.

Please note: Although these products may display zoning to a high degree of mapping accuracy, they have no legal effect and are not a substitute for the zone boundary descriptions provided in Schedule 1 to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zoning Plan 2003.

User information about new zoning

What can you do in which zone?
(Format: PDF, 826kb)

Frequently Asked Questions about the rezoning
(Format: PDF, 102kb)

Total Area of Zone Types and equivalent IUCN categories
(Format: PDF, 86.03KB)

Recreational Fishing
Recreational fishing information
(Format: PDF, 324kb)
Popular activities on the GBR
(Format: PDF, 158kb)
Tidal water fish size and take and possession limits
(Format: PDF, 695kb)
Explanation of terms - Fishing
(Format: PDF, 16kb)

Commercial Fishing
Commercial fishing information
(Format: PDF, 134kb)

Other information:

(Format: PDF, 262kb)
(Format: PDF, 216kb)
(Format: PDF, 91kb)
Special Management Restrictions
(Format: PDF, 65kb)
Traditional Use of Marine Resources

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