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Short Bio

Shawn is a Media Researcher and Adjunct Professor at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. His research and teaching are focused on emerging technologies related to media creation, distribution and interaction. His projects generally involve development of tools that help to make low cost media making, distribution and interactivity possible.

He has demonstrated, exhibited and presented his work at many conferences and technology demonstrations including Emerging Telephony, Emerging Technology, ACM Multimedia, Studio IMC, Vloggercon and Strong Angel. Recently he co-organized the Open Media Developers Summit and a second as part of Beyond Broadcast: Reinventing Public Media in a Participatory Culture, a conference held at Harvard's Berkman Center in May 2006.

Shawn is an avid blogger and video blogger, is a contributer to the unmediated.org group blog and has recently released source code that enables others to update video blogs from their mobile phones.

Additionally, Shawn runs a consultancy to help companies better utilize technology for putting audio and video on the internet. His clients have ranged from Disney and ABC Radio to Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers.

Shawn holds a Master's degree in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU and a Bachelor's degree in Media Study from SUNY at Buffalo.

Various Personal Projects:


WordPress QuickTime Embedding Plugin

Video and Image Moblogging with a (video enabled) Camera Phone


MobVCasting OpenVlog

Interactive Tele-Journalism

Work Related Projects:

I am a Media Researcher and Adjunct Professor at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program

Participatory Media Research at ITP

Open Media Developers Summit

Beyond Broadcast

Producing Participatory Media (Spring 2006)

my syllabus for Producing Participatory Media (Spring 2005)

Syllabus for Introduction to Computational Media (Fall 2005)

Whitman Local Report

I do some work with Ubiquity Labs and the folks behind Socialight

For more, checkout my resume

Various Group Projects:

The Weekly Show

Konscious Convention and Election

CoDeck and Pursue The Pulse - Community Media Platform

Pic TV

Other Project Associations:


OpenQTJ (QuickTime for Java examples and more)



Pursue The Pulse


Some Past Project Associations:

ACCESS Project

Other sites hosted here:

Serimony Invitations and Announcements

Alan Van Every's Portfolio

Sue Wrbican Photography

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