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Small, quick and quiet, the MEGA City from the NICE Car Company gives London residents personal transport with so many advantages. Clean, quiet and fun the MEGA City is exempt from the congestion charge, exempt from road tax and you can benefit from free parking in many London locations. Suddenly it makes a lot of sense. NICE Electric Car in the UK And let’s not forget that it’s environmentally friendly too; non-polluting, zero emissions and a high energy efficiency… the nice car for nice drivers. * Free from congestion charge * Free from road tax * Free or discounted parking* * Free car club membership * Zero emissions * Charge costs less than 1.5 pence / mile**

While there have always been travellers who have sought to minimise the negative impact of their journey, the travel industry at large has long been more associated with thirsty golf courses and gas-guzzling air miles than a desire to do good. But as mainstream consumers become increasingly accustomed to recycling their household rubbish and going easy on the gas heaters, they are also looking for more ethical ways of taking a break - prompting a striking surge in demand for a greener type of travel.

Let the European Commission know what you think about their policies regarding private motorised transport! "We would like to hear your individual opinion and views on passenger road transport’s contributions to climate change and possible future ways to reduce it. Your views will be used as input for a Communication (a policy paper) which the European Commission plans to issue in the second half of 2006. This Communication will draw policy conclusions and recommend a way forward to reduce road passenger transport's climate change impact."

Even the cat is a vegan! Tonight on ABC's show Wife Swap, two very different families trade Moms. One a Peta supporting liberal. The other backwoods, hunt for foodie. It's a repeat and reviews say it was balanced. Don't expect anything as good as this HORRIBLE moment in TV history. Before Supernanny, instead of Hells Kitchen, watch cultures collide... for real!!!

"In most of the developed countries of the world today, firms are paying the cost of pollution to the global environment, in the form of taxes imposed on coal, oil, and gas. but American firms are being subsidized--and massively so. There is a simple remedy: other countries should prohibit the important of American goods produce using energy intensive technologies, or, at the very least, impose a high tax on them, to offset the subsidy that those goods are currently receiving."

KFC is under fire in China, for its latest advertisement depicting vegetarian Taoist, Fu Qingzhu, surrounded by his apprentices excitedly holding a chicken burger and claiming it as a masterpiece. A shorter news item on the same subject is also available.

Here's why we should have zero tolerance for "feminazi's" in today's world.

smrt ((((sorry for the er, exuberance, but deal with it SMARTFORTWOISFINALLY EV!!) SMART GOES EV! SMART GOES EV! SMART GOES EV!!!!! THE FOR TWO GOES EV!!!!! (ok truth be told when swatch and mercedes first cracked the smart egg it wes supposed to be an electric, but "people" weren't ready) WELL I GUESS TEHY ARE READY NOWP BECAUSE SMART HAS GONE EV!!!!! SMART = EV = SMART =FYEAH!!

Despite record high gas prices, American car makers continue to make cars that are less fuel efficient than 20 years ago according to a new report from the Environmental Protection Agency. However, the agency did report that sales of light trucks has leveled off at about 50 percent of car sales after two decades of steady growth. The report is also noteworthy in that the EPA takes a stance on both climate change and energy security -- linking both to fuel efficiency.

ShareTheTruth Takes Off

The p2p politics site ShareTheTruth has surpassed $3000 in donations in the first month. Looks like over 400 people have seen An Inconvenient Truth from all across the country as a direct result of the site. There is a log of all the activity so far, money and otherwise, check it out, and spread the word if so inclined.

paloheimo as they say, many of the things that were really far-out when the house went up back in the 90's is off-the-shelf-available now. and also crazy that they aren't already the norm. but now it's time to cheer Toronto's most famous green building! (and notice how well it's aged!

"At Ziad Ghanem’s creative studio green is the new black. While the fashion world catches up with the idea of eco-friendly, organic and ethical practices Ziad has already been incorporating them into his bespoke creations. Known for his love of practical fabrics fashioned into striking silhouettes Ziad has taken his designs to a whole new level with the inclusion of recycled textiles."

Hey Cal Cars, looks like you might be out of a job! "Jim Press told an audience at the National Press Club in Washington that the company plans to pursue a plug-in hybrid vehicle." Picture.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic A gorgeous engineering feast: the Loremo, an ultra light car designed by a keen cyclist. The prototype claims 1.5l/100km! Loremo's website.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic How Donald built his own "street-legal, affordable, dependable, sun-charged transport for his daily 5 mile commute."

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