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Stamp out the terrorists from Indian soil. Why don't we have security systems at all railway stations in Mumbai?

Blasts today and office tomorrow. Resilience or indifference from knowledge that there will be no sufficient action from the government. Toshi, Nagaland

Is it resilience or silence of the lambs? Boycott Pakistan and Bangladesh totally. Go on hot pursuit immediately.

When will we stop talking of spirit and resilience and start doing something about terror? Are we proud of being bombed so often?

The spirit of Mumbai sends out a strong message of resilience and national unity to the terrorists. The nation stands united. Pranshu

Congratulations to Mumbaikars for their courage and resilience. Nanda Cariappa

Hats off to Mumbai for the tremendous courage, comradery and resilience. Sankar Narayan, Orissa

Resilience and tolerance: These claims are hallow. It just shows our impotence.

How much more should Mumbai and the country suffer?Its high time we spare Pakistan from supporting terror secretly.

Stop talking about the 'spirit of Mumbai' do something to keep it alive!

We always say the people of Mumbai are very strong and they have a great spirit. By saying so we are forgetting the victims and the reasons behind the blasts.

In these testing times all Indians should stand united with the Mumbaikars to remove terrorism from its roots. I salute this spirit of Mumbai. Nazia, Goa.

Mumbai blast: Political parties should be united to fight against terrorism. Political parties are just interested in individual party gain. Patriotism is missing. M.K.Banerjee, Kolkata

Bring back POTA. It is better to have 5 terrorists and 2 innocents locked up than have all 7 at large and have blasts that kill and injure 700. Sandeep, Pune

Why is it that whenever a bomb blast take place the government blames the Muslim community?It could be anyone, even the opposition to prove the government wrong.

As long as we are ruled by inefficient and corrupt politicians, we cannot escape incidents like the Mumbay blasts. M.K.Vasu

A city that has emerged from dust will not stop its life. Mumbai's resilience is to be saluted. Condolences for our losses but a clear message to terror.

Security should be increased in trains, specially in Mumbai. Nakul Khanduja, Karnal

Mumbai blasts: It is time for the Indian government to lose patience in its peace process and try a new strategy aganist terrorists. Chiranjeevi, Chennai

Please stop talking about the spirit of Bombay. If these kind of attacks go on, there wont be any spirit left.

Stop glorifying the resilience of Indians. Our government is spineless and lacks courage to fight.

Mumbaikars have shown exemplary resilience in the face of orchestrated terror.

People will be resilient but the government will continue to be lax.