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 African Veldt

Denizens of the Deep South

Northwest Passage



African Veldt

African Veldt's plains animals

Large mammals are always a favorite of zoogoers, and the African Veldt is where you find them at the Memphis Zoo. Giraffes, rhinos and elephants call this corner of the Zoo their home.

The exhibit is currently receiving some renovations including new entry signage, natural timber benches, pathway lanterns and an enlarged elephant exhibit - featuring a pool that allows elephants to submerse and bathe.

A large, grassy area is centered in the exhibit, offering picture-worthy views of ostriches and antelope.

Factoid: A giraffe's kick is so powerful, it is capable of killing a lion in one single blow.
Exhibited Species:
East African Crowned Crane
African Elephant
Grant's Zebra
Dik Dik
Klipspringer Antelope
Nile Lechwe 
Reticulated Giraffe
Scimitar-horned Oryx
White Rhinocerous

Denizens of the Deep South

Denizens exhibit, home of Gumbo

This exhibit was the first to have both above ground and underwater viewing at the Memphis Zoo, though it originally housed penguins. Today it is an exhibit dedicated to species found in the waters of the deep South.

The star of the exhibit is "Gumbo," a 200-pound alligator snapping turtle. Gumbo was a resident of the Zoo's aquarium for many years before he moved to this outdoor, fresh water exhibit.

Factoid: Alligator snapping turtles are known to live over 100 years of age.

Exhibited Species: Alligator Snapping Turtle Alligator Gar Largemouth Bass 

Northwest Passage

Payton, viewed from underwater 

Opened March 1, 2006, this exhibit features an underwater viewing building, sea lion observation bubble and a 500-seat amphitheater for our daily sea lion shows.

Northwest Passage is a tribute to the culture of the First Nations people and the animals and horticulture of the Pacific Northwest.

The $23 million exhibit features indoor and outdoor exhibit areas. Messages of conservation inspired by Chief Seattle, a famous Native American chief, are sprinkled though out the exhibit.

Factoid: The six hand-carved totem poles that stand in the exhibit received a Native American blessing ceremony when they arrived at the Zoo.

Exhibited Species:
American Bald Eagles
Black Bears
California Sea Lions
Harbor Seals
Polar Bears 

Spiders! (open Memorial Day through Labor Day)

Entrance to the Spiders! exhibit

Creepy-crawlers have their place in the animal kingdom, so it is fitting that they have an exhibit at the Zoo!

Spiders! is an exhibit that showcases fascinating (and sometimes spine-tingling) invertebrates. One of its more popular residents is the Madagascar hissing cockroach - made famous by a TV show know for challenging it's contestants to eat these large,"fearful" bugs.

A number of venomous species are also on exhibit. Learn to identify them here in case you meet one of them later.

Factoid: Big spiders like tarantulas may seem scary, but it's small spiders like the black widow that are by far the most deadly.
Exhibited Species:
Black Widow
Brown Recluse
Emperor Scorpion       
Giant Red-headed Centipede
Giant Cave-dwelling Roach
Goliath Bird-eating Tarantula
Guatemalan Redrump Tarantula  
Madagasca Hissing Roach
Metallic ornamental Tarantula
Mexican Red-knee Tarantula
Red Slate Ornamental Tarantula
Spitting Scorpion
Campina Grande Bird-
 eating Spider

World of Waterfowl

Flamingos, World of Waterfowl

Pink, Chilean flamingos are the obvious attraction at this exhibit. Around 30 of them spend their day either on the beach or in shallow water.

Visitors walk across two wooden bridges to look at a variety of waterfowl - including a pair of black-necked swans.

Factoid: Standing on one leg is the most comfortable resting position for flamingos.

Exhibited Species:
Chilean Flamingo
White-faced Whistling Duck
Ross' Goose
Black-necked Swan
North American Ruddy Duck
Demoiselle Crane
Mandarin Duck
Common Pintail

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