Rainbow Shaggy Plush Felt

Designed by Diane Williams
Nutmeg Rabbit


  • 1/2 yard of Bronzed Copper
    Rainbow Shaggy Plush Felt
  • Small amount of Antique White
    Rainbow Shaggy Plush Felt
  • Small scrap of Black
    Rainbow Classic Felt for the nose
  • Polyester fiberfill stuffing
  • 2, 7/16" black shank buttons
  • 1/3 yard of dark wool for the skirt and head bow
  • Black and ecru cotton crochet thread
  • Natural colored raffia
  • White glue
  • Long, large eye needle


Step 1: Cut all pattern pieces from the felt adding 1/4" seam allowance to all pieces. Sew the body pieces together with 1/4" seam allowances leaving the bottom of the body and the tops of the arms and legs open. Turn all pieces right side out. Stuff the body firmly to within 1" of the opening. Stuff the arms firmly leaving 1" unfilled at the opening. Stuff the legs 1/2" of the way.

Step 2: Use the black cotton crochet thread to gather the top of each leg so that both will fit comfortably in the opening of the body. Pin legs in place and hand sew the opening closed with the legs on the inside of the body.

Step 3: Sew the tops of the arms to the position shown on the body pattern piece.

Step 4: Cut the wool skirt 91/2" x 30" and the two straps 1" x 9". With right sides together, sew the two short ends together. Turn right side out and fold 1/2" under on one edge and gather with the black cotton crochet thread. Pull gathers and fit to the rabbit but do not anchor yet. Lay each strap over the shoulder of the rabbit and tuck the ends under the skirt. Now anchor the gathering thread on the skirt to the rabbit. Be sure to pull tightly. Sew or glue the straps to the underside of the skirt.

Step 5: Cut a contrasting muzzle and pin to the face of the rabbit. Sew in place by hand using ecru cotton crochet thread. Cut the felt nose and sew to the muzzle with black cotton crochet thread.

Step 6: Thread a long needle with the black cotton crochet thread and sew the eyes in place weaving the needle back and forth to anchor securely.

Step 7: Cut two ear pieces from each of the two colors and pair the contrasting colors together. Sew, turn right side out and sew securely to the back of the head. The bottom of the ears should be approximately 2" down from the top of the head. The dark cotton crochet thread works well for this step.

Step 8: Cut a wool fabric strip 1" x 30" and tie into a bow on top of the head. Cut the excess from the ends of the ties.

Step9: Thread a thin piece of raffia into a large eye needle. Weave the needle in and out of the muzzle cutting 3" lengths for the whiskers as you go. Dab the end of each piece of raffia with white glue to hold.

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