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Join the 50 Acre Club!

So you've already achieved national recognition in Earth Foundation's 20 acre club - how will you top that? Go for 50 acres!

Schools that save 50 acres will receive a large personalized banner so that they can memorialize their achievement and inspire future classes. Students will also receive a $100 gift certificate for a pizza party to celebrate their success!

A sample of your school's personalized banner:

Teacher Christina Roy of Connecticut says:

"We had a great time at our free pizza party the last day of school. Everyone wore their Earth Foundation shirts and we all celebrated saving 59.2 acres of rainforest!"

Join these schools that saved 50 acres in 2004-2005!

Americo Paredes Elementary School
Armstrong Middle School
Arroyo West Elementary School
Ashton Elementary School
Birch Lane Elementary School
Bradoaks Elementary School
Carlisle Schools
Cedar Road Elementary School
Centennial Lane Elem School
Chesapeake City Elementary School
Churchill Middle School
Clinton Massie Elementary School
Coon Rapids Middle School
Crosswinds Elementary
Discovery Middle School
Donovan Elementary School
Dundee Elementary School
Eagle Valley Middle School
Evans City Middle School
Fugett Middle School
Gerritts Middle School
Hilmar Middle School
Howell Township Middle School North
Indian Ridge Middle School
James Buchanan Middle School
Jasper Middle School
Jefferson Middle School
Jensen Ranch School
Maloney Interdistrict Magnet School
Maple Hill Elementary
Maplewood Intermediate School
Mary-Morgan Elementary School
Mcdonogh High School
Mcpherson Middle School
Merritt Island High
Milanesi Elementary School
Navigator School
Needwood Middle School
North Shore Elementary School
Ore Valley Elementary School
Owasso 6th Grade Center
Owensville Communtiy School
Owensville Middle School
P. S. 153
Pantera Elementary
Pray-Woodman School
Princeton High School
Reese Elementary School
Rippleside Elementary School
Rising Sun Middle School
Rock Hill Elementary School
Rocklake Middle School
Schiesher Elementary
Shongum School
Sierra Vista Elementary School
Sleepy Hollow Elementary School
Spencer Elementary
St Agnes Elementary School
St. Francis
Starr-Iva Middle School
Trautmann Middle School
Travis Elementary School
Tullar Elementary School
Vernon Center Middle School
Walnut Grove Elementary School
Webster Middle School
Woodward Academy
Woodward Academy North
York Elementary School





Today, over 100 pharmaceutical companies and several branches of the US government are engaged in rainforest plant research projects for possible drugs and cures.

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