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BT Voyager 205 Firmware Upgrade Instructions

IMPORTANT: During the firmware upgrade download at Step 1, and the upload in the Control Panel at steps 12, 13 and 14, it is very important that you do not use your computer. Do not open any applications or halt any processes. Failure to do this could interrupt the upgrade process.

To find out what version of firmware you are currently running click here.

Ensure the power supply to the BT Voyager is correctly fitted and accidental power failure cannot happen during firmware upgrade. Also, close down any applications on your computer before browsing the BT Voyager Control Panel.

  1. Download the Firmware Upgrade by choosing Save this program to disk.
  2. The next screen will ask where about on the disk you wish to save the file to, please make sure you save the firmware download to your Desktop as shown in the picture "Save in" is set to the desktop. Then press Save to start the download.
  3. On the desktop locate the file TEImageV18.exe and double click it to bring up the self extractor as shown below. Click on Run.
  4. Now press the Unzip button and this will then proceed to extract the firmware file into a folder called Voyager 205 Firmware Version 1.8 on the desktop.
  5. After it unzips successfully you will get a prompt saying so, press OK.
  6. Finally click on Close to finish the unzip process.
  7. Access the Voyager Control Panel by opening then click on the Advanced option that is found in the left hand menu.
  8. Now in the main window click on the advanced link
  9. .

  10. Click on System then enter the Configuration Manager username and password (your security details). If you haven't changed the default setting, both the username and password will be admin.
  11. In the left hand menu click on System.
  12. Now click on Upgrade.
  13. You will now see the following screen. Click on Browse.
  14. Find the firmware file TEImageV18.bin you downloaded and unzipped to your PC, if we followed the previous steps correctly the file will be located in a folder called Voyager 205 Firmware Version 1.8 on the Desktop highlight it and click on Open.
  15. IMPORTANT: It is very important that you do not use your computer during the upgrade. Please do not switch off your PC, turn the router off, close down your Internet Browser, open any applications or halt any processes during upgrade. Failure to do this could interrupt the upgrade process and cause a failure to upgrade. The upgrade will take five minutes from this step.

  16. Click on Upload. (Note:The location of the file may differ from the one shown in this example.)
  17. You will now see the following screen. Please wait until the page changes.
  18. This screen says that the router will reboot. There is no outward sign that the router has rebooted so please wait five minutes and then click on System View.
  19. If the firmware has upgraded correctly the new S/W Version version will be 1.8.
  20. Your new firmware has now been loaded on to your BT Voyager 205 and it can now be used as normal. There is no need to restart your computer.

If you would like a printable version of this guide plase please click Here.


BT and its affiliates cannot accept responsibility for any disruption, damage and/or loss to your data or computer system that may occur while using this software or the programs and data it provides.