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This document updated on 30-Mar-96

ML is a mail program and message processing system currently available for the 'X' Window System using Motif. It is designed around the IMAP mail protocol, although it may be used in many other modes and access messages via POP3, NNTP or local file based mailboxes. ML utilizes a concept called logical views, which greatly simplifies handling large collections of messages.

ML answers the question:

What do I do with all this mail I'm receiving?

Here is a description of what logical views are, and why you might want them.

Here is an ML demo page showing logical views in action, along with some of the other program features (from 1.2, some things have changed recently).

Version Information:

ML version 2.3 is available now. You may obtain the source code here.

Currently Available Binaries:

Other stuff (like patches) may be found in the FTP archives.

NEW! Check out the ML Online Manual

System requirements:

(*) Only required if building from source.


Thanks to the many people using ML who have provided the input which has made ML what it is today. It will only get better.

Mailing List

ML has a mailing list for general questions, release notifications, or anything else that relates to ML. An archive of the list is maintained here

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Author: Mike Macgirvin <Mike@NerdWare.Com>

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