21 July 2006

The ORT Emergency Campaign for Israel

Poverty has overcome terrorism as the primary threat to children’s welfare in Israel today. Almost 30 per cent of Israel’s 2.25 million children live in poverty – a situation that directly and negatively affects their educational performance.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors – including the Jewish federations of North America – ORT has been able to meet the immediate needs of providing a safe and secure environment for its students as well as counselling for those affected by the Intifada.

Today, ORT Israel needs your help to ensure that the educational performance and prospects of its many students from the country’s most vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds are maintained and enhanced.

Help ORT create a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment for ORT Israel's students
Help ORT create a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment for ORT Israel's students

The effects of high unemployment have been exacerbated by budget cuts to welfare and education: as the number of families at or below the poverty line increases, stricter eligibility rules exclude more of them from social security benefits; as the need for investing in the next generation becomes ever greater, the ability to pay for additional teaching hours is under threat.

Increasing numbers of children go to school on an empty stomach and without the money to pay for lunch. Thousands of children face long walks because they can not afford the bus fare to and from school. Many more struggle to buy text books as well as the equipment and materials required for the vocational courses that could help to lift them out of poverty.

ORT desperately needs to raise extra funds to help these students in distress – to ensure they have enough food to allow them to concentrate on their studies and the materials necessary to do their coursework. ORT uses extra funds to provide transport to and from school and clothes to prevent students from poor families being stigmatised by their peers.

Extra curricular activities are important to childrens development
Extra curricular activities are important to childrens development

We recognise that important steps in children’s development take place outside the classroom – yet more and more parents find themselves unable to pay the contributions required for extra curricular activities. With your help, ORT can ensure that all our students can fully participate in school activities without placing an undue burden on struggling families.

ORT is an integral part of Israeli society. Since 1948 ORT Israel has helped shape the nation by providing education and training. Each year more than 90,000 students receive their education at one of ORT’s 159 educational establishments in Israel. ORT Israel’s graduates comprise 25% of the country’s hi-tech workforce.

Robert Singer, Director General of World ORT says:

"I believe this is one of the most difficult times in the life of today's Israelis and the State of Israel. Israel’s greatest resource is her people and we must ensure that our students’ potential is not limited by economic circumstances beyond their control. We must provide those in need with the help necessary to keep them in school and achieving the results that will propel them into further studies and productive careers."".

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