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bulletClees Ferry Shell Midden - A large shell midden located on the right descending bank at the old ferry landing. Shell middens are areas where Native Americans boiled snail shells for soup and discarded the empty shells in huge piles along the river banks.


bulletCloyd's Landing- An old ferry landing no longer used except for a boat ramp. This landing still has some of the old buildings that once served ferry passengers. The ponds at this site served for watering livestock from the voyages. The old graveyard still stands to mark the names of citizens that lived in the area. Benny Short and Champ Ferguson roamed this area of Kentucky and used this landing quite frequently.


bulletCraigfont- Located on Drakes Creek in Hendersonville. Graves under water from Old Hickory Reservoir.


bulletCumberland Falls (mile 562.2)-  A 68 ft. waterfall located in Whitley Co. Ky. This waterfall is one of two ( the other is Victoria Falls in Southern Africa) in the world that produces a "Moonbow". This waterfall originally formed 46 miles away in Burnside. Over millions of years the waterfall has cuts it's way to this point eventually one day ending up in the Atlantic ocean. 

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bulletCumberland Ferry - The longest continuous ferry on the Cumberland in Tennessee. McMillians Ferry in Kentucky


bulletDemonbreums Cave -Timonthy de Montbream hid out from an Indian attack here in the early 1700's. Located just upstream from Nashville.



bulletEvergreen Place- Formally owned by Jim Reeves, orginally owned by Dr, Craighead, built in the 1700's. Second oldest home in Davidson Co. torn down by developer wanting to build a Home Depot.


bulletButler's Landing - In Clay Co. Celina Tn.


bulletBuchanon Station - Located where Elm Hill Pike crosses Mill Creek. The Last Pioneer/Indian Battle in Tennessee took place here.


bulletBuzzard Cave- Located on Lake Cumberland


bulletFort Blount - Located on Cordell Hull Lake


bulletFort Donelson- Located in Dover Tn. Captured by Union forces Feb. 16, 1862. 3,000 Confederates escaped, 15,000 surrendered under Gen. Simon B. Buckner.


bulletFort Zollicoffer - Located on the high bank left descending bank.This fort was abandoned by the Confederates in 1862 when Ft.Donelson fell to the Union.


bulletFox Bluff - Located in Cheatham Co. Tn. On Cheatham Lake


bulletHalfway House - Located a few miles from the mouth of Manskers Creek. This house built in the late 1700's was the halfway point between Nashville and Gallatin Tn. It was burned to the ground in 1998.


bulletHartsville Landing - Capt. Ryman's, (owner of the Ryman Lines and builder of the Ryman Auditorium), son was shot at this landing in 1910.


bulletHickory Hill- An old homeplace that was eventually burned and now is being developed for another shopping center.


bulletHunters Hill(Mile 222)- Andrew Jackson's second home site in middle Tennessee.The original home burned. The home the occupies the site now was built in early 1900's. The ancient springs were inundated by Old Hickory Lake but still can be seen and felt were they originally came out of the ground.


bulletHydes Ferry - Jesse James used this ferry extensively since he live 500 yards from the ferry. His house is still standing. The ferry was also used by Civil War troops. The landing is still visible on both sides of the river.


bulletIndian Town Bluff - Located on the left descending bank of the Cumberland, upstream side of the mouth of the Harpeth River. This bluff served as an Indian village and burial site.


bulletJackson's Landing - Located on the upstream side of the Stones River, left descending bank of the Cumberland. Andrew Jackson used this landing for his trading company.


bulletLock A - Mile 150.6


bulletLock B - Mile 140.3


bulletLock C- Mile 108.5


bulletLock D - Mile 87.9; Located at Fort Donelson, was constructed by Foster & Creighton Co. which was founded by Maj. Wilbur F. Foster who had laid out Ft. Donelson in 1861


bulletLock E- Mile 66.3


bulletLock F- Mile 43.6


bulletLock #1 - Mile 188.4; Built in 1890's this lock was built with mules and block and tackle. Huge stones were hauled and cut on site for the lock walls. All this can still be seen downstream from Nashville.


bulletLock #2 - Mile 200.9; Located across from Love Branch.


bulletLock #3 - Mile 218.1; Located in Hendersonville Tn. on Old Hickory Lake. (inundated)


bulletLock #4 - Mile 237.0; Located at Gallatin Tn. (inundated)


bulletLock #5 - Mile 264.7


bulletLock #6 - Mile 281.6


bulletLock #7- Mile 299.7


bulletLock #8- Mile 317.0; The construction of this lock began in 1920.


bulletLock #21- Mile 487.3


bulletLower Nashville Island- Mile 189.1; Sometimes called Convict Island


bulletMcMillians Ferry- The only ferry left on the Cumberland River in Kentucky. It connects Judio  with Tompkinsville Ky. Cumberland City ferry is the only one left in Tennessee.


bulletMound Bottom - A 500 acre ancient Indian Village. This site includes very large temple mound with many other small temple and burial mounds surrounding it. Also includes fish trap, and a rock carving of a Indian mace. This site is situated in Narrows of the Harpeth State Park on the Harpeth River which is the home of Patterson Forge.


bulletPort Royal- Located on the Red River near Clarksville Tn.


bulletRockcastle- Located on Drakes Creek


bulletRockHouse Natural Bridge (mile 450.2)- Summer hunting camp for the Native Americans in the Paleo period. Was discovered by the white settlers in 16xx. A real impressive rock formation that is off the beaten path along the Cumberland River in Cumberland Co. Kentucky.


bulletSeven Sisters Bluff - Abraham Lincoln's grandfather mined salt peter in the caves of these bluffs.


bulletSydney's Bluff - Located across from Ashland City Tn. Named after a girl named Sydney. Supposedly she was chased by Indians and jumped off the bluff into the Cumberland River.


bulletWhites Creek - Indian shell midden located at the mouth of the creek on the downstream side, right descending bank. Also Indian Mound and village that was bulldozed in the 70's located xx miles from the mouth.


bulletWoods Ferry - Located in Gallatin Tn. John Hunt Morgan used this ferry often.


bulletWynfrey's Rocks - Huge boulders that are marked on old USGS river maps.


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