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Our history published! The T Force Story

On 6th June 1944, 5 KINGS landed as a Beach Group Battalion in Normandy.  The Battalion completed its duties and was eventually to have been dispersed as reinforcements for other units, the same fate as her sister battalion, 8 KINGS, the Liverpool Irish.  However the CO, Lieutenant Colonel G D Wreford-Browne,  made strenuous representations that 5 KINGS was almost the most senior TA battalion in the Army and deserved a better fate.  Accordingly the battalion was made up to strength and took part in the operation to contain the German forces in Dunkirk as part of the Czech 29th Armoured Brigade.  

In February 1945, the Battalion was selected to take on the role of a T Force unit, whose tasks had been identified by Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force.   Experience in other theatres had shown that important intelligence, equipment, personnel and installations were being overlooked for lack of a dedicated force to seize them.  A 'Target' or T Force was required.  After moving into Belgium, 5 KINGS received an influx of category A1 personnel and became the lead unit of  T Force.  In 1946, No 2 T Force was formed and 5 KINGS left to be reformed under Lieutenant Colonel F Denton, returning to the UK via Iserlohn.  

Not surprisingly, such an elite unit has spawned a very active branch of the Regimental Association.  The 5 KINGS/2 T Force Association was formed in 1990 and now has a list of over 70 members in 7 countries.  


The cruiser Hipper - seized by A Company 5th King's at Kiel in the last days of the Second World War


How many Regiments can say that they share their nickname with a street in one of the world's capitals?  A party of Kingos in Kingosgade in Copenhagen.
Did you serve in North West Europe in 1944 to 1948?  if so we would be very pleased to hear from you.  Our programme of events covers one day 'get togethers' in Liverpool, London and Birmingham.  We visit our old haunts in Germany and Denmark every year.  We have an AGM dinner each year.  We publish a quarterly newsletter 'Free Lance'.

For further details please contact the chairman, Ken Moore through the RHQ contact page.  An important part of our year is the annual visit to Germany.  We are twinned with the Garrison Officers Club in Kolding, Denmark (home to B Company in 1945).


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150 plus pages, A4 spiral bound, published by 5 KINGS/2 T Force OCA.

5 KINGS/No 2 T Force has now published an account of its activities in North West Europe in the last days of the war and the early years of the occupation in Germany. Also included is the story of their involvement in the liberation of Holland and Denmark, 1945-1948  Copies are available at �10.99 including post and packing in the UK. 

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Commemorative Wall Plate 2005

To mark the Regiment's participation in the liberation of Denmark in May 1945 a wall plate has been produced.  It is 8 inches in diameter in white porcelain.  The text includes 'Denmark's Liberation' and Maj 1945, Maj 2005.  The Regimental Capbadge is also included as is the title 5th Battalion the King's Regiment (Liverpool).  Colours used represent Great Britain and the Danish Resistance.

Cost, including the box is �11.  UK postage and packing is �3.  Cheques should be made payable to '5 KINGS/No 2 T Force OCA'.