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Thank you for visiting the COTA North Corridor Transit Project (NCTP) website. The North Corridor Transit Project, formerly called the North Corridor Light Rail Project, or “Fasttrax,” is a component of COTA’s Comprehensive Long Range Transit Plan for transportation and mobility in central Ohio.

In 2005, COTA restructured the NCTP. The Project website will soon be relocated under the COTA.com website with updated information to reflect the most recent status of the Project.

COTA has committed to developing a Draft Environment Impact Statement (DEIS) for the NCTP in 2006. The DEIS will outline the potential benefits and impacts of the proposed NCTP project including mode alternatives, alignments options, station locations, vehicle maintenance facility sites, etc.

In the build options, three modal alternatives include Bus Rapid Transit, Light Rail Transit and Streetcar (illustrated in the photos). The project team is evaluating each mode and the data will be compared against a no-build alternative. The project identified three alignment alternatives in the mid-corridor that would transition the service from the railroad corridor at18th Avenue to High Street north of I-670 as well as potential extensions north into Delaware County and south into the Brewery District. Station locations have been identified for each alignment and will be presented in the DEIS as well.

Potential locations for construction of a vehicle maintenance facility to serve each mode alternative are also being considered.

When the analysis has been completed on all the alternatives, COTA will present the findings, with a potential Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA), to the public for comments and suggestions before a recommended Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) is selected. It is anticipated that an LPA will be selected by late summer, 2006.

As always, public input is an important component of the NCTP. The Project team invites any and all comments, questions, and suggestions related to the NCTP.

We encourage you to contact the NCTP Team. All communications will be reviewed and responded to.

Marty Stutz
Public Involvement Manager
Central Ohio Transit Authority
North Corridor Transit Project
1600 McKinley Avenue
Columbus, OH 43222
Toll-free phone: 1-866-724-5268
E-mail: Info@COTANCTP.com

Thank you for your interest and involvement in the North Corridor Transit Project.


Study Area North Corridor Transit
Project Study Area
Allignment Mid-Corridor Alignments
RT Vehicle Bus Rapid Transit Vehicle
SC Vehicle Street Car Vehicle
(Portland Oregon)
LR Vehicle Light Rail Transit Vehicle
(Houston Texas)