LeMond Racing Cycles

20 Years Cycling of Innovation

Before 1986, no American had ever won the Tour de France. Since then, an American has won more times than not. It all started with Greg LeMond. He won the '86 tour, and since then, cycling has never been the same. 1986—2006.

A New Beginning: Triomphe Carbon Technology

LeMond Triomphe Carbon Monostay

Greg LeMond broke a lot of ground in his career. The first American to win the Tour, the first successful professional to use clipless pedals, cycling eyewear and aero bars—all common occurrences now. Greg changed the world of cycling—dramatically. But Greg isn't an advocate for change in all aspects of cycling. He remains steadfast in his opinion on frame geometry, proper cycling ergonomics and the feel and response of a bike. Legendary ride quality, above all else, is Greg's number one concern.

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Ride Tuned Diameters

LeMond Triomphe Frame Sizes

One of the other distinctive features of the platform is the specific tubing diameters for each size of frame. It's pretty obvious that a 49cm frame does not need as much material or stiffness as a 61cm frame. Therefore, we've made the downtube of the 49 smaller than 51, which is smaller than the 53 and so on.

Finite Element Analysis

How did LeMond design the unique shapes of the Triomphe Series? The Triomphe Series is the result of a great deal of trial and error with FEA, analyzing the forces and corresponding movements of a frame due to the rider inputs of pedaling, leaning, sprinting as well as the input from the road. The outcome is a frame that we believe rides like no other.

LeMond Triomphe Lateral Headtube Movement

The model above depicts the results of severe lateral force applied to the headset of the LeMond Triomphe Series. Less red area = less frame movement = stiffer frameset in this plane.

Find a LeMond Dealer

There is only one place in the world to buy a new LeMond—an authorized LeMond dealer. Find your nearest dealer:

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Demo a LeMond

Try before you buy. LeMond Racing Cycles is proud to be part of the Ride The Best Demo tour—a great opportunity to ride the best bikes in the world, before you buy. Check the demo crew schedule here.

World Class Carbon Production

LeMond Triomphe Carbon Headtube

LeMond and its engineers started producing carbon fiber bikes in the early 90s- longer than most teams in the business. From the first layer of carbon that goes into the mold, the frame is engineered by people that know carbon better than anyone else in the business.

Asymmetric Chainstays

LeMond Triomphe Carbon Chainstays

The left and right chainstays experience vastly different forces. To resist the twisting force of the drivetrain, the non-driveside chainstay is as wide as possible. The more compressive forces on the driveside stay, essentially trying to pull the dropout to the crankset, are offset by a more vertical stay orientation.

Pedaling Efficiency

LeMond Triomphe Carbon Bottom Bracket

The BB shell has a dramatically different look than most carbon frames on the market. The width of the mold is as wide as possible to provide drivetrain efficiency, yet it is also as short as possible, making an immediate transition to the seat tube, reducing surface area and weight.