The source or cause of the universe has never been, and nor can it ever be, separate from the universe;
Nor can it be that this same source or cause.. be separate then from you.

You are not what you think you are..

The Sleeper Awakens

Welcome home

This communication arises to support an awakening, a collective shift in consciousness. It appears now, as now is it’s time to appear; the precise moment when it’s task and humanities destiny meet.

The present consciousness or collective human psyche which defines humanity and all those including you in that definition, spawned into existence long ago in primate man. Self awareness has since been associated with an individual self, a someone or a something, and from that definition arises all that blights this humanity.

At the core of all conflict, depression, sickness, suffering, war and poverty is a reality of separation, a seemingly individual and separate consciousness which appears removed and estranged from one to another, dividing, segregating and creating differences, lack and possession, which in turn requires some defending to uphold and protect; and herein, the very cause of greed, fear and hatred.

From within this separate and confined individual space or consciousness, the need then arises for confirmation, for proof, for a sense of OKness with ones defined self; the need for recognition and for acceptance. It searches to reconcile itself usually by comparison, looking for reassurance and for belonging, forming groups and clubs, partnerships, associations, communities and countries, all of which require some protection and defence from other groups, factions, beliefs and countries which appear to threaten this shaky and flimsy ‘yes’ to oneself which in any moment can collapse into fear, depression, doubt and suffering.

So now the search for truth arises; the search for freedom from this suffering and doubt and the search for love; so too arises the search for the cause of the universe, for a god or a big bang or a something which is responsible that is not with you because your reality of separation has removed you and confined you away from such a thing which must surely be the one unifying force or element to which all existence owes itself.

And then behold, one finds the truth, one amongst thousands, amongst millions even, stumbling across an astonishing realization; and then slowly another and again another, and entire religions then grow from the worship of those first few. But even these form into groups, religious groups, and with them a powerful need to defend and protect…their god; and still it is happening, even now, after all that has been told and revealed by many in all manner of expression, the world remains fragmented and in conflict; there is untold suffering and poverty; the rich and wealthy still just only want more and despite all the technology, all the science and discovery, and all the prosperity and knowledge, the cause of all suffering still remains powerfully rooted in the consciousness of man.

Are you not ready to wake up yet… haven't you had enough of this game and aren’t you willing to trade it for a new realm of possibility?

The "truth" is the only one solution to all and every problem, and that truth can be told simply with three words. Only God Exists. If you need to have that clarified in several hundred pages of text and supported by graphics, audio and video then support this site and you will have it. But for the moment, in its present form, the work of this site is accomplished by its movement around the globe and into the consciousness of the collective human psyche. And this is your contribution to bringing peace to this earth, to send this site to as many as you can.

There is a change occurring however already in the consciousness of man, and over the last decade especially and since the turning point of the late 80's and early 90's, a momentum has begun to gather; those once rare awakenings in individuals which brought an irrefutable and profound truth to their awareness and from whom entire religions unfolded in worship, are now becoming somewhat regular occurrences; so much so now, that from the many who have found truth absolute, will soon come a flood of thousands. And you will be swept up in that flood sooner or later because consciousness is a collective phenomenon, and however this transition, this collective awakening effects your life will be dependant on the choices you make now.

You are therefore witnessing then the final stages of an age old consciousness and reality, the ending of a long cycle which has been characterized by darkness and conflict. But a new cycle will begin when that flood of individual awakenings brings a collective shift in consciousness; a collective awakening where 'that' which self awareness, the universe and you arises from, becomes known to itself for the very first time, as the one same thing..

This is the end of differences, the end of suffering, war, pollution and poverty. It is the long prophesied ending of time consciousness into timelessness and the awareness of eternity; it is the descent of a mythical heaven onto earth, the lifting of the veil between them, unifying both and demystifying god; and it is the dawning of a new era of peace. And surely in your heart you must want this.

This communication arises to inform you, to prepare you, and to help facilitate this collective awakening and end then all suffering on this earth. It calls to you to distribute this to many others and therefore support this awakening in man to a greater vision; a vast, wholly complete and timeless reality which is free, abundant and completely at home in itself.

The time to choose has come...and you cannot escape the responsibility to make a choice nor the consequences of that choice.

The sleeper awakens. Thank you. I love you.

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