Barton County Missouri


John J. JONES Buried Lake Cemetery, Lamar, Barton Co. b. 5 Sept., 1836; d. 21 June, 1905. Served 59th PA Inf. & Co K, 62nd PA  Inf. Gayle Slagell

Richard Washington TULLIS Buried Moorehead Cemetery, Barton Co. b. 9 Mar., 1839; d. 1 Aug., 1917.  Served Co A, Kansas Home Guards.  He resided in Benton Co., before the war. Gayle Slagell

William Henry Payne, Private, Company B, Regiment 6, Missouri  Calvary b. 1844 TN d. Mar 13, 1917, buried in Barton City Cemetery, Barton Co., MO  Alyson Crippen

Marcellus Sargent Roach,  is buried in the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Liberal, Barton Co.
His information follows:b. 3-29-1844, d. 3-9-1922.  He was a sergeant in Co. F, 63rd Ohio Vol. Inf.  Prisoner at Andersonville.  My ggrandfather, Thank you.  Phyllis Fierke

James W Rector Round Prairie Cemetery, Barton County, Missouri January 5, 1844  -  February 28, 1909  Company G, Smith Regiment, Shelby Brigade, Price Division, Missouri Calvary- Confederate  Phil Rector

Jacob Peak Rector Rector Homestead, Northeastern Barton County, Missouri May 9, 1837 - August 25, 1868 Hunters Regiment, Shelby Brigade, Price Division - Confederate also: Company I, Second Regiment, U.S. Volunteer Infantry - U.S    Phil Rector

Evan Rice Harris June 12, 1833 - June 23, 1910 Company G, 9th Missouri Infantry, Confederacy Company C, 8th Bn. Missouri Infantry, Confederacy Buried:  Round Prairie Cemetery, Barton County, Missouri Phil Rector

Under Lake Cemetary you list: Cunningham, George C. 1839-1875. Pvt. Co. L, 16 MO CavMy great grandfather was George Gilbert Cunningham,  born 1839. Pvt. Co. L, 16th MO Cav.  However his middle initial is not C. And he died in 1915 in a soldier's home in Joplin. He was the town pharmacist in Lamar Township for many years and he and his wife raised three children there.I feel that your listing probably refers to my great grandfather. Otherwise, we may have a relative that we have no knowledge of, and would love to learn more about. George Gilbert had many siblings who lived in the area, but weknow of no George C.   Sherry Slocombe Long Beach, CA

Submitted by: Jack Rogers
I think you now have the complete list of CW veterans buried in every Barton County Cemetery.    There are many,many, many that I just cannot prove that they are buried in  certain cemeteries.  Their wife, children, etc. are buried.....but the veteran has no tombstone. I have used many sources to obtain the information that I have collected. I would guess that at least 85-90% of the tombstones of CW veterans  in Barton County do not reflect their honorable military service.  This is the main reason that I have been working this project for a long time. I think it is essential that a record of their military service be preserved.  My wife and I have visited every know grave of every  Civil War Veteran , in every cemetery in Barton County, and cleaned the tombstones.  We have also walked every cemetery, and checked every tombstone in every cemetery ,to insure that a grave of a CW veteran was not overlooked and/or unrecored.  We found several that were not recorded in the various books of Tombstone Inscriptions for Barton County. I continue to work on my project.  When, and if, I find and  identify additional graves of CW Vets in Barton County , I will do my best to send you the information.  Jack Rogers

Bakers Grove Cemetery
Jackson, John A.   Oct 29, 1834-Apr 10, 1899.  Lieut.  Co. C, 7th MO Cav
Barton City Cemetery
Adams, Timothy R.B.  1818-1901. Co. B, 97th IL Inf
Brown, Charles 1844-1933.  Pvt. Co. D, 122nd IL Inf
Cassatt, David  Jan 23, 1844-Feb 2, 1915. Pvt. Co. G, 183rd Ohio Inf
Chester, Joseph W. 1842-1876.  Pvt. Co. I, 5th VA Inf
Clough, G.P. Corp.  1843-1905.   Co. H, 29th Iowa Inf
Coles, John J.  Pvt. 1846-1920. Co. C, 1st Iowa Cav
Crabtree, Samuel W. Pvt. Nov 11, 1827-Sep 30, 1893.  Co. K, 172nd Ohio Inf
Davis, George W. Pvt.   Mar 4, 1830-Sep 27, 1908.   Co. D, 3rd Iowa Inf
Dazey, John E.  Co. F, 20th Ind Inf
Dixon, Cyrus  Co. A, 33rd Ohio Inf
Dixon, Felix  d. Jun 17, 1875. Co. A, 33rd Ohio Inf
Dixon, Samuel B.  Jan 1, 1846-Jan 8, 1886.  Pvt. Co. K, 172nd Ohio Inf
Dunlap, William A.   Jun 30, 1829-Nov 14, 1899.  Lieut.  Co. I, 47th MO Inf
Eddleman, Columbus F. May 21, 1845-Jan 19, 1917. Co. C, 47th MO Inf
Fields, Henry   1845-1927. Pvt. Co. D, 54th Il Inf
Guffey, Arthur S.  Capt.  Co. B, 40th Iowa Inf
Hamilton, John C.  Co. E, 29th Iowa Inf
Hesford, George  1832-1926. Co. B, 23rd Wisc. Inf.
Hammer, Harrison   Oct 31, 1839 - Aug 14, 1924.  Co. E, Gordon's Regt., Shelby's Brigade   MO Cav      C.S.A.
Hubble, Albert T.  Co. C, 7th Ohio Inf.
Jones, John   d. Aug 12, 1877.  Co. C, 9th KY Inf
McNeal, Jno.    Co. A, 10th MO Inf
McWilliams, Benjamin C.   Oct 13, 1843 - Feb 27, 1922.   Co. F, 16th PA Cav
Metcalf, Arthur  Nov 25, 1838-Apr 24, 1908. Corp.  Co. K, 91st Ohio Inf
Mohler, A.J.  Co. D, 12th IL Cav
Mote, Jacob C.  Corp.  Co. B, 6th Kan Cav
Payne, William H.  d. Mar 13, 1917. Co. B, 6th MO Cav
Perkins, John  Capt.  Dec 17, 1837-Apr 17, 1912.  Co. B, 40th IL Inf
Post, John  Pvt. Apr 19, 1844-Oct 16, 1917.  Co. K, 27th IL Inf
Ream, Benjamin  Corp.  Co. F, 101st Ohio Inf
Riddle, F.S.  Co. G, 4th W.VA Inf
Rogers, A.   Co. D, 105th IL Inf
Seamans, Edwin D.   Co. D, 7th Mich Inf
Searles, Isaac   Co. C, 49th Ind Inf
Schmallhorst, Henry P.   Sep 15, 1832- Sep 1896.  Sgt.  Co., K, 10th MO Cav
Smith, Gep  Pvt. Co. F, 13th PA Cav
Smith, John P.   Feb 10, 1845-Dec 22, 1901.  Pvt.  Co. G, 83rd PA Inf
Smith, Reuben W.   Mar 21, 1835-Oct 20, 1907. Pvt. Co. I, 47th MO Inf
Smith, William C.  Sep 7, 1840-Jan 17, 1915.  Co. I, 3rd PA Artillery
Snyder, Harvey S.  1848-1933.  Pvt. Co. K, 50th MO Inf
Sprague, Ozias C.   1stSgt.  Co. D, 102nd IL Inf
Springer, Dennis  b. Nov 20, 1829 --  2Lieut.  Co. E, 132nd IL Inf
Stacy, William I.   Mar 25, 1839-Jan 22, 1907.  Corp.  Co. H, 11th Mich Inf
Stone, Lewis   Nov 22, 1840-May 15, 1908.  Co. B, 1st Regt., MO Light Arty
Unkefer, William H.   Pvt. Co. A, 25th MO Inf & Co. E, 1st MO Inf
Vancamp, Wiley S.   Feb 25, 1844-Nov 16, 1915. Pvt.  Co. D, 40th Ind. Inf
Wiger, D.C.   May 20, 1838-Mar 9, 1888. Co. H, 194th Ohio Inf
Woodfill, Samuel G.  Feb 20, 1834-Apr 11, 1876.  Sgt.  Co, C, 5th Ind.Inf
BlackJack Cemetery
Baker, H.    Co. E  114th IL Inf
Bennett, Thomas  1845-1920  Pvt. Co. G  32nd IL Inf
Ferguson, John C. Mar 19, 1840-Mar 12,  1920    -- IL Inf
Jones, Merlin  d. Feb 23, 1881, 68 yrs.  Co. H  -- Ohio Inf
Munson, Solomon  Co. B  133rd IL Inf
Bluff Church Cemetery
Creamer, John A.  1819-1892 Pvt. Co. C  6th Kan Cav
Creamer, William A. d. May 7, 1876  Pvt. Co. C  17th Kan Inf
Faubion Cemetery
Winslow, Henry D. Jul 23, 1843-Apr 23,   1916  Pvt. Co. G, 100th IL Inf
Morris, Andrew H. Dec 11, 1822-Dec 26   1890  Co. G, 43rd  MO Inf.
Leroy Cemetery
McKinney, William O. d. Aug 23, 1893,   63yrs.  Pvt. Co. F, 157th NY Inf
Doylesport Cemetery
Whittaker, John R. d. Feb 4, 1892, 47y,    11m, 18d.  Pvt. Co. G, 33rd MO Inf
East Cemetery, Lamar, MO
Beatty, John W.  Jun 11, 1836-Dec 1896. Co. G, 90th Ohio Inf
Calhoun, S.D.   Co. L, 6th Kan Cav
Cook, Jeremiah L.    Mar 3, 1843-Oct 25, 1919. Capt. Hiner's Company, Gen. Imboden's Command.  CSA
Cox, Thomas J.   1824-1894.  1Lieut.  Co. C, 10th TN Inf
Edwards, Robert    Co. E, 112th IL Inf
Getz, Michael   Pvt.  Co. D, 68th OHIo Inf
Henry, A.A.   Pvt.  Co. C, ___Minn Inf
Howrey, Jacob   Co. F, 70th Ind Inf
Jones, Alexander   1847-1904.  Pvt.  Co. C, 6th Kan Cav
Lord, William R.   Co. L, 3rd MO Cav
Orahood, John   1829-1897.  Pvt. Co. H, 154th Ind Inf
Primmer, Lewis A.  Pvt. Co. D, 68th Ohio Inf
Quackenbush, Henry   Oct 10, 1820- May 25, 1909.  Co. H, 42nd Wisc Inf
Smith, E.A.   Co. I, 16th Ohio Inf
Stubblefield, W.  Pvt. Co. B, 42nd MO EM Inf
Vier, William W.  Co. H, 144th Ind. Inf
Fairview Cemetery
Brown, William    Feb 8, 1841-Jan 25, 1914.  Sgt. Co. F, 126th IL Inf
Homan, James    Aug 2, 1817-Jun 23, 1895.  2nd Ohio Artillery
Lingenfelt, William M.  1841-1920.  Co. H, 52nd GA Inf.  C.S.A.
Phillips, George H.   d. May 22, 1884, 35y,7m. Pvt.  Co. F, 2nd MO SM Cav
Wiard, James M.   June 22, 1822-Jan 7, 1893.  Pvt. Co. F, 115th Ind Inf
Forrest Grove Cemetery
Boss, Fredrick L.   Mar 30, 1841-Dec 15, 1919. Pvt.  Co. A, 65th Ind Inf
Cones, William H.   Co. A, 65th Ind Inf
Currey, Robet W.   Sep 30, 1833-Apr 15, 1879.  Pvt. Co. C, 33rd Iowa Inf
Custard, John T.   1838-1918.  Pvt.  Co. H , 20th KY Inf
Lee, John W.  Feb 4, 1834-Jun 1, 1912. Pvt.  Co. G, 98th IL Inf
Romaine, Abel B.   Pvt. Co. H, 25th IL Inf
Stockdale, Eli A.    Jan 18, 1843--Oct 3, 1884.  Pvt.  Co. F, 9th MO State Militia
Tulle, James R.   1843-1919. U.S. Soldier per 1890 Special U.S. Census
Hartman, Jesse    Jan 7, 1833-Jun 22, 1884.  Pvt. Co. K, 11th IL Inf
Golden City Cemetery, Golden City, MO
Adams, William D. Jan 5, 1835-Jun 11, 1928.  Pvt. C o. H. 38th Wisc. Inf
Bell, Mordecai  Apr 4, 1841-Feb 17, 1922.  Pvt. Co. A  18th Ohio Inf
Bishop, Stephen R.   May 19, 1843 - Feb 13, 1923.  Co. C, 3rd KY Cav., Duke's Brig., Morgan's Division. C.S.A.
Black, William May 31, 1844-Jun 18, 1924. Pvt. Co. A 69th IL Inf
Blakesley, James H. May 3, 1838-May 24, 1908.  Pvt. Co. I, 2nd Col Cav
Blair, Thomas R. May 1, 1843-Jan 17, 1929. Co. A Ohio Heavy Artillery
Boren, William R.  1849-1915. Co. F, 43rd MO Inf
Breeden, Mastin  Capt. Co. L, 8th MO Cav and Co. G, 14th MO SM Cav
Butler, John   Sep 9, 1823-Nov 11, 1899. Pvt. Co. B, 95th IL Inf
Butterworth, Robert L.  1846 -1936. Co. C, 3rd MO Cav. Shelby's Brig., Marmaduke's Div.  C.S.A.
Cook, Albert Aug 7, 1831-Apr 20, 1900. Pvt. Co. I, 33rd IL Inf
Cornwell, Jacob 1835-1917.  Pvt. Co. M, 1st MO SM Cav
Duvall, William M.  1832-1919.  Co. G, 2nd MO Cav
Dayton, Thomas C.  Co. I, 13th Iowa Inf
Gill, Richard C.   Apr 13,1838-Dec 7, 1919.  Sgt. Co. A , 11th MO Cav
Hall, Almer  Corp.  Co. K, 5th IL Cav
Hall, George H.  Jul 13, 1840-Feb 22, 1920.  10th NH Inf
Harrah, Samuel 1837-1930. U.S. Soldier per 1890 Special U.S. Census
Hedgecock, Lewis  1848-1918. Co. I, 118th IL Inf
Holliday, George W.  Aug 23, 1840-May 31, 1917.  SgtMaj. Co. C, 6th IL Cav
Loomis, Wallace F.  Apr 5, 1839-Mar 25, 1910.  Co. A, 128th Ohio Inf
McCollecher, Jacob  Oct 29, 1834 - Apr 12, 1912.  Sgt. Co. A, 11th PA Inf  & Co. B, 215th PA Inf.
McMinn, Robert C.  d. Aug 26, 1894 -73y,6m,8d.  Pvt. Co. I, 6th Wisc. Inf.
Morgan, Alfonso D.  1847-1931. 2nd KY Cav., Duke's Brig., Morgan's Div. C.S.A.
Neff, Joseph F.  Battery E, 9th NY Heavy Artillery
Pattison, Margus  Aug 22, 1845-Dec 31, 1898.  Pvt. Co. L, 2nd U.S. Vol.
Phillips, James P.  Mar 23, 1842 - Mar 15, 1916.   2Lieut. Co. M, 2nd Ark Cav
Price, John  b. 1848   --  Pvt. Co. A, 85th IL Inf
Rollins, R.H.  July 25, 1843-Oct 8, 1893. Pvt. Co. B, 28th IL Inf
Shariett, John H.  May 8, 1837 - Dec 26, 1909.  Pvt. Co. D, 25th Ohio Inf
Stoner, George    Apr 25, 1845-Aug 25, 1923.  Pvt. Co. I, 72nd Ind Inf
Surbrugg, Jacob F. 1836-1934.  Pvt. Co. G, 140th IL Inf & Co. K, 3rd Ind Cav
Stemmons, Wilbur F.   Sep 18, 1840-Feb 9, 1913.  Corp. 3rd Colo Cav
Todd, George W.   1838-1930.  Co. B, 8th Ohio Inf. & Co. A, 55th Ohio Inf
Waddle, Davis  Aug 20, 1844-Mar 16, 1926.  Co. K, 7th IL Inf
Wilson, David S.  May 10, 1837 - Jan 6, 1884.  Pvt. Co. K, 91st IL Inf
Young, David G.  Sep 17, 1829-Oc 15, 1922.   Pvt. Co. D, 17th IL Inf
Harlow Cemetery, Golden City, MO
Coats, John   Jan 6, 1853-Sep 9, 1939 -CSA Soldier per MO. Pension List
Kirby, John C.   Aug 22, 1831-Jun 5, 1890.  Pvt. Co. B, 8th MO Cav
Morris, Samuel   Co. K, 87th Ohio Inf
Robinson, W.C.   Aug 9, 1830-Jul 13, 1889.  Pvt. Co. K, 4th Ohio Inf.
Howell Cemetery
Coy, James W.   Co. E. 73rd IL Inf
Faubion, Jacob G.   d. Aug 18, 1879, 53y, 3m.  Co. F, 2nd MO Cav. Shelby's Brig. C.S.A.
Faubion, William H.   Nov 16, 187-Dec 4, 1917.  Co. F, Hughes MO Regt. CSA
Gibbs, John O.   Mar 24, 1843-Feb 8, 1909.  Co. C, 57th Ind Inf
Herlocker, James M.   1841-1906.  Co. F, 84th IL Inf
Howell, J.S.  Jan 29, 1825-Dec 27, 1913.  CSA Soldier-per "History of Barton County".
Keller, Gustus A.   Jan 8, 1841-Feb 27, 1922. Pvt. Co. I, 7th MO SM Cav
Ligon, Wyatt N.   May 14 1838 - Mar 8, 1908.  Co. A, Elliott's Regt.,Jackman's Brig., Shelby's Div., MO Cav  C.S.A.
McMinnis, Eli   Jan 5, 1834-Nov 7, 1912. U.S. Soldier-per 1890 Sp U.S. Census
Pulling, George Z.   Feb 6, 1833-Nov 7, 1898.  Pvt.  Co. A, 73rd NY Inf
Spencer, A.   d. Feb 4, 1887-60y,4m,17d. Pvt.  Co. E, 3rd Iowa Cav
Werts, John W.  1842-1922.  Battery A, 3rd IL Light Artillery
Wilder, Andrew B.  1836-1896.  U.S. Soldier- per 1890 Sp U.S. Census
Wilson, James L.   Oct 24, 1840-Jun 9, 1925.  Pvt.  Co. F, 123rd IL Inf
Iantha Cemetery, Iantha, MO
Beckman, August B.    Sep 8, 1832 - Jan 24, 1926.   1st Ind Artillery & Co. L, 2nd Ind Cav
Benson, Robert P.   Dec 12, 1842- Oct 17, 1922.  Co. I, 21st Ind Inf
Burson, Thomas O. Sep 20, 1845-Aug 16, 1916.  1st Ohio Cav
Comby, Julius  1844-1928.  1Lieut.  Co. D, 6th MO Inf
Curry, George T.  1840-1921.  Co. D, MO Cav, Shelby's Brigade. CSA
Denny, Oscar P.  1846-1926.  Co. H, 11th MO Inf.  CSA
Hill, Baxter B. d. Jul 17, 1894-66y,5m,2d. Pvt. Col. Marvin's MO SM Cav
Jester, Barnet  Nov 20, 1831-Jul 31, 1909. Pv. Co. M, 3rd IL Cav
McChesney, Samuel M.  1840=-1909. Pvt. Co. C, 39th Ohio Inf
McCuistion, Guinn   Sep 3, 1826-Feb 10, 1916.  Capt. Co. C, 3rd MO Inf. CSA
McPherson, Charles R.  1835-1914.  Pvt. Co. H, 129th IL Inf
Palmer, Clark W.  1841-1937.  Co. A, 4th MO Cav
Penny, Edward D.  Co. F. 23rd U.S Inf
Purdy, Emmet H.  Nov 22, 1842-Mar 5, 1910.  Sgt.  49th MO Inf
Tydings, John W.  Feb 21, 1814-Feb 2, 1897.  Capt.  Co. H, 28th KY Inf
Kiley Cemetery
Ross, Mary Ann Coats 1830-1907 IL  Civil War Nurse
Lake Cemetery, Lamar, MO.
Aldrich, Kildroy  Co. G, 117th IL Inf
Allen, Thomas  d. Jan 29, 1905-73y. Co. I, 2nd IL Light Artillery
Anderson, John Kelley   Mar 24, 1828-Feb 1, 1912. QMSgt  Co. D, 153 PA Inf
Arnold, Frank Dewitt   1845-Mar 14, 1932. Pvt. Co. I, 3rd Wisc. Cav
Bailey, Robert J.   d. Mar 4, 1910.  Co. G, Gordon's Regt., Shelby's Div. MO Cav  C.S.A
Ball, Thomas D.  Sept 16, 1843-May 16, 1913.  U.S. Soldier -per 1890 Sp U.S. Census
Bandy, George W   Mar 24, 1843-May 16, 1913. Co. A, 2nd Regt., Shelby's Brigade. CSA
Beam, Jacob   Mar 30, 1842-Jan 24, 1907. Co. E 28th IL Inf
Beanblossom, David  d. Mar 25, 1899-54y11m11d. Pvt. Co. G. 30th IL Inf
Benefiel, Theodore S. Feb 9, 1828-Aug 28, 1905. Farrier.  Co. D, 5th Kan Cav
Benford, William H. d. Sep 26, 1913-63y3m5d. Co. A, 193rd Ohio Inf
Bickett, Thomas J.  d. Dec 4, 1904-64y12d. Pvt. Co. H, 46th Ohio Inf
Bingham, Parley P.   Oct 13, 1834-Sep 13, 1896.  Pvt Co. H, 7th Kan Cav
Bloomfield, Reuben J.  d. Apr 28, 1919-79y0m15d. Pvt. Co. C, 12th IL Inf
Brand, Henry C.  Mar 6, 1842-Aug 20, 1900.  Pv. Co. C, 7th MO Cav
Brandon, Henry C.  d. Nov 11, 1909-63y. Pvt. Co. H, 137 IL Inf
Bronson, Charles H.  b. Sept 27, 1841 -- .Co. I, 2nd Mich Cav
Cleveland, Jonathan  1841 --. Pvt. Co. C, 59th IL Cav
Coffin, Reuben   Sep 6, 1826-Aug 9, 1884. Pvt. Co. A, 69th MO Inf
Cockrell, Allen  Jul 4, 1847-Mar 20, 1890. 1Lieut.  Co. F, 133rd IL Inf
Cockrell, Allen H.  Feb 8, 1838-Oct 22, 1920. Pvt. Co. F, 133rd IL Inf
Cole, John W. d. Oct 31, 1912-75y.  Pvt Co. H, 1st Ohio Inf
Combs, Thomas Henry   May 6, 1839-Oct 27, 1919.  Captain  Co. D, 62nd Ohio Inf
Cordray, Isaac M.  Jun 28, 1842-Jun 24, 1903.  Corp. Co. E, 182nd Ohio Inf
Cox, Marion H.   Apr 11, 1941-Jan 21, 129.  Co. G, 6th MO Cav
Cox, Stephen   Mar 25, 1841-Mar 31, 1902. Sgt.  Co. D, 6th KY Cav
Cozad, Henry A.   Jun 21, 1830-Feb 4, 1890  Teamster. Co. G, 100th PA Inf
Crabb, Edw. D.  1827-1909.  Pvt.  Co. A, 8th IL Inf
Crumbaugh, Joseph B.  d. Feb 28, 1925-84y. Co. C, 75h Ohio Inf
Cunningham, George G.   Aug 4, 1839 - Mar 18, 1915.  Pvt.  Pvt.  Co. L, 16th MO Cav
Davis, Henry  1823-Aug 7, 1903.  16th Ohio Light Artillelry
Dean, Benjamin D.  Oct 7, 1828-Nov 2, 1908.  Colonel   26th MO Inf
Dicks, Charles   Replace with: 1847 - Jan 14, 1925.  Co. C, 3rd LA Cav., Scott's Regt. C.S.A.
Edwards, T.M.  d. Aug 13, 1886.  Co. A, 53rd Ind Inf
Elder, John V.  d. Sep 19, 1912-77y5m8d. Sgt.  Co. F, 23rd Ind Ind & 20th Ind L.A.
Evilsizer, Jackane H.  d. Oct 6, 1913-80y.  Pvt. Co. E, Morello's Horse.
Fast, David  d. Apr 27, 1886. Pvt. Co. E, 112th IL Inf
Farr, Guy R. Jan 17, 1839-Mar 16, 1914.  CSA Soldier
Farr, William R   Jun 17, 1843 - Aug 27, 1917. Co. E, Green's Regt. MO Cav C.S.A
Finley, William H.   d. Jan 13, 1893-49y9m10d. Pvt. Co. E, 10th IL Cav
Fitzpatrick, Patrick   Mar 14,1830-Nov 21, 1897.  Pvt.  Co. I, 16th Kan Inf
Gage, James Pike   1844-Jun 11, 1928.  Co. B, 43rd Ohio Inf
Gill, Shadrack   d. Mar 2, 1926-88y. Pvt. Co. D, 35th MO Inf
Griffin, David K.   Mar 22, 1847-Feb 8, 1912. Mo Regt. General Price. CSA
Griffin, William L.   1838-Apr 1, 1920.  Pvt. Co. G. 10th WV Inf
Griffith, George   Oct 11, 1839-Jul 29, 1911.  Co. D, 9th IL Inf
Haggard, P.J.  d. Mar 30, 1928-84y.  Co. A, Capt. Ury's KY Scouts.  CSA.
Hall, Andrew    Captain   Co. A, 7th Ohio Cav
Hall, James   1844-Feb 10, 1917.  Pvt Co. K, 105th PA Inf
Haller, George   Nov 27,1831-NOV 14, 1905.  Corp.  Co. C, 11th Ind Inf
Hamm, George Thomas   Jan 16, 1835- Apr 20, 1915.  Sgt.  Co. D, 7th MO Militia Cav
Harris, Garland W.   Jul 1, 1839-Apr 16, 1917.  Pvt Co. F, 5th Ohio Cav
Harvey, Thomas J.   d. Sep 18, 1915-78y.  2nd Kan Inf & 2nd IL Lt. Artillery
Hays, B.D.   d. Aug 22, 1921-84y.  Captain   Co. E, 43rd Ind Inf
Hays, William R.   Apr 16, 1835-Oct 29,1906.  Pvt Co. D, 48th Ind Inf
Hitchcock, Joseph    d. Feb 12, 1898-93y.  Pvt. Co. C, 154th NY Inf
Hoselton, Francis W.   Mar 11, 1832-Feb 11, 1918.   Pvt.  Co. E, 86th IL Inf
Huff, Hanna Marie   Dec 22, 1838-Jun 16, 1922.  U.S. Nurse at Rollo, MO
Huff, Samuel Orin   Dec 23, 1829-Feb 6, 1899.  Corp.  Co. C, 26th Ind Inf
Hughes, Landon T.   Jul 2, 1848 - Sep 24, 1906.  Co. C, 4th TX Cav., Sibley's Brigade.   C.S.A
Jackson, William A.   1842-May 14, 1919.  Co. G, 2nd IL Cav
James, Troyless G.  Aug 21, 1837-Oct 29, 1910.  Pvt.  Co. K, 69th IL Inf
Johnson, D. H.   Mar 31, 1837-Aug 20, 1894.  Co. F, 12th IL Inf
Johnson, Orloff H.   d. Aug 20, 1894-57y4m21d.  Pvt. Co. F, 124th IL Inf
Johnson, Oscar   Jan 20, 1843-Jan 17,1917.  Pvt. Co. A, 3rd Wisc Cav
Jones, John J.   Sep 5, 1836-Jun 2, 1905.  Pvt.  Co. K, 62nd PA Inf
Jones, Joshua A.  1845-1932.  Pvt.  Co. F, 123rd IL Inf
Koopman, Albert   Oct 16, 1844-Jan 14, 1901.  Sailor   U.S.S. Supreme
LaForce, Paul   Co. E, 99th Ind Inf
Lang, William H.   Jul 23, 1835-Jun 5, 1901.  Pvt. Co. K, 24th MO Inf
Laycock, John W.   Co. E, 122nd IL Inf
Lemke, Ferdinand   1820-Jul 12, 1903. Co. B, 4th MO Inf
Lisher, James   1840-1922.  3rd Indiana Artillery
Lisher, Lafayette   Mar 26, 1842-Jan 23, 1918.  Corp. Co. H, 9th Ind Cav
Locey, Thomas J.   Nov 9, 1841- --. Co. D, 15th IL Cav
Lowry, David   Jul 7, 1825-Sep 15, 1909. Lieut.  Co. I, 3rd MO Cav
Lucas, William S.   Jul 9, 1834 - Feb 20, 1908.   Co. B, Marshall's Regt. KY Inf. C.S.A.
McAlister, W.A.  Co. F, 7th MO SM Cav
McCaslin, Harry   d. Feb 13, 1886-47y. Pvt. Co. H, 72nd IL Inf
McConnell, William   1845-Dec 21, 1928. Co. F, 157th Ohio Inf & Co. F, 39th Ohio Militia
McCrea, John W.   d. Mar 12, 1916-75y. Gen Rains' Cmd, Co. E, Payton's Regt. CSA
McCutcheon, Alonzo  d. Apr 23, 1907 - 61y.  Co. A, Slayback's Regt. Jackman's Brig., Shelby's Div.  MO Cav.  C.S.A
McEnterfer, John S.   July 9, 1843-Jun 16, 1928.  Corp.  Co. A, 131th Mich Inf
McKee, Josiah   Co. C, 33rd Il Inf
McVay, Edward   Dec 8, 1841-Nov 3, 1923. Morgan's Command in KY.  CSA
MacLean , Cornelius   May 4, 1811-Jan 2, 1864.  Co. H, 37th Iowa Inf
Magin, Charles W.   Mar 12, 1841-Dec 17, 1905.  Co. B, 132nd IL Inf
Manifee, George   May 24, 1838-Dec, 25, 1929.  Pvt.  Co. D, 88th Inf Inf
Marker, James A.   Apr 11, 1847-Feb 25, 1914.  13th Maryland  Inf
Montague, T. J.    Captain  Co. H, 10th MO Cav
Morrow, Charles A.   Sep 1840--Jul 20, 1913.  Lieut.  Co. C, 2nd Ohio Inf
Munson, Peter A.   d. May 14, 1885 -50y11m.   Pvt. Co. C, 49th IL Inf
Neas, Jacob    1845-Feb 11, 1929.  Pvt. Co. B, 8th TN Inf
Neff, Walter J.   Jul 4, 1847-May 20,1890. Musician.  Co. H, 25th IL Inf
Newlin, Ahi   d. July 10, 1891-54y11m4d. Corp.  Co. B, 41st IL Inf
Noland, John   Jan 2, 1847-Sep 20, 1891. Pvt Co. L, 16th IL Inf
Norris, James T.   1831-1913.  Musician. Co. D, 30th Iowa Inf
Orndorff, William A.   May 28, 1841-Sep 5, 1914.  Co. H, 47th Iowa Inf & Co. F, 33rd Iowa Inf.
Owen, Hadley   Aug 20, 1849-Mar 10, 1927.  Co. L, 8th Iowa Cav
Parry, Joseph C.   1823-Jul 21, 1902.  Capt Joe Ury's Co., Kan State Militia
Peters, E.J.   Co. F, 11th Kan Cav
Poff, Silas   1846-Apr 27, 1928.  Co. A, 130th Ind Inf
Pool, Ephraim B.   1844-Aug 12, 1928. Co. B, 18th PA Cav
Pool, John A.   Dec 12, 1820-Nov 1, 1892. Chaplain.  Co. A, 27th Iowa Inf
Porter, Gideon F.   d. Feb 21, 1910. 78y1m22d.  Co. D, Poindexter's Regt., Clark's Brig.  Cav   C.S.A.
Primmer, Simon P.   Sep 19, 1841-Feb18, 1925. Corp.  Co. A, 6th Ohio Inf. & Co. I, 122nd Ohio Inf
Profit, J.   d. 8 Apr 1883.  Corp.  Co. I, 10th MO Cav
Querry, Urlin A.   1835 - Ag 1, 1932.  Co. A, 1st Batallion, 3rd Brigade, __ Mtd Inf. C.S.A.
Ramsey, John A.   1847 - Feb 11, 1931.  Co. I, Shank's Regt., Shelby's Div. MO Cav    C.S.A.
Rathbun, Jeptha   Sep 30, 1842-Jun 17, 1927.  Co. G, 48th Iowa Inf
Richardson, James R.   Jun 16, 1844-Aug 22, 1906.  Pvt. Co. B, 123 IL Inf
Roberts, George W.  d. Dec 8,1929 -82y2m6d.  Co. B, 51st MO Inf
Ross, Riley   1836-Mar 2, 1926.  Pvt. Co. C, 129th IL Inf
Schofield, Reynolds W.  Sep 4, 1831-Feb 22, 1887. Captain Co. D, 9th Mich Inf
Schreiner, Edward H.     d. Jan 2, 1931. 82y.  Shank's Regt., Shelby's Div. MO Cav   C.S.A.
Seyffert, Gustavus A.   1845-Jun 13, 1929.  Corp.  Co. G, 43 MO EM Cav
Shapley, Calvin H.   1832-Nov 5, 1895. Colonel   15th IL Cav & 17th IL Cav
Short, John W.   Oct 24,1845-Oct 21, 1924.  Co. I, 16th MO Inf.  CSA
Sinclair, Oscar F.   May 10, 1842-Feb 21,1910. Pvt. Co. D, 107th Ohio Inf
Sledge, Benjamin   Jul 17, 1836-Oct 19, 1906.  Col. Ive's Cav. Regt. CSA
Smith, E.A.   d. Feb 11, 1893-79y9m8d.  Pvt Co. I, 16th Ohio Inf
Smith, Erastus   1842-1924.  Pvt Co. A, 23 KY Inf
Smith, Lynn B.   Apr 29, 1838-Jul 30, 1900.  CSA Soldier-"History of Barton County".
Smith, William P.   May 16,1845-Sep 5, 1936.  Pvt. Co. A, 38th Ind Inf
Snyder, Abtam I.   d. Apr 6, 1914-65y.  Pvt. Co. K, 15th MO Inf.
Spence,  F.G.   d. 24 Jan 1888.  Co. F, 3rd MO Cav
Spring, Fordyce A.   Jan 6, 1828-Oct 7, 1873.  Pvt.  --  99th IL Inf
Summers, William P.   d. Feb 2, 1890.  Pvt. Co. H, 5th Ind Cav
Sweatt, Robert   May 24, 1843-Jun 16, 1896.   Pvt. Co. F, 12th KY Cav
Thompson, Samuel H.   d. Oct 12, 1898-62y9m19d.  Pvt Co. H, 33rd Ind Inf
Thompson, Seymour D.   d. Mar 28, 1906. Pvt. Co. C, 134th Ind Inf
Thompson, William A.   d. Feb 11, 1901-59y1m5d.  Co. C, 134th Ind Inf
Tipton, John J.   Feb Feb 14, 1825-Jul 21, 1882.  Pvt.  14th Kan Cav
Toles, William G.   Mar 16, 1839-Mar 20, 1900.  Co. G, 59th Ohio Inf
Tolman, James   Jan 8, 1831-Mar 8, 1904.  Pvt.  --   14th IL Inf
Trulock, John Henry   d. Apr 10, 1924.  Co. A, 44th Ind Inf
Tucker, Robert J.  Sep. 17,1841 - Mar 1, 1905.  Captain   Co. A, Elliott's Regt., Jackman's Brigade, MO Cav.  C.S.A..
Vancil, John   d. Apr 18, 1909-69y18d.  Co. B, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery
VanMeter, A.   Sep 23, 1839-Apr 24, 1914.  Co. F, 18th MO Inf
VanPelt, Isaac Newton   d. Jul 22, 1910, 72y5m15d.  Sgt.  Co. I, 168th Ohio Inf
Waggoner, Jasper B.   Oct 2, 1844-Jan 6, 1918.  Pvt. Co. G, 2nd IL Cav
Walser, George H.  d. May 1, 1910.  Capt. Co. I, 20th IL Inf
Ward, Ed. G.   1839 - Feb 24, 1913 Captain  Co. G, Gordon's Regt., Shelby's Div., MO Cav.  C.S.A.
Wise, Frederick C. .   Apr 12, 1833-Jan 22, 1916. Pvt.  Co. E, 168th Ohio Inf
Wray, Anderson J.   1842-1906.  Sgt.  Co. E, 7th Ind Inf
Yeger, George   Feb 22, 1844-may 11, 1917.  Sgt.  Co. D, 22nd PA Inf
Young, William   1834-Dec 9, 1911.  Co. A, 31st IL Inf
Liberal Cemetery, Liberal, Missouri===
Adams, Gilbert O.  Jul 23,1854-Sep 13,1882    Co. G  62nd IL Inf.
Andrews, Silas   Waggoner, Co. D., 93rd IL Inf.
Baker, Samuel L.  1837-1919  Pvt. Co. A 55th MO Inf.
Belk, James K.  Aug 13, 1837-May 5, 1919   --  MO Cav
Clark, Joseph W.  Jul 8, 1844-Oct 17, 1926  Pvt. Co. H. 7th MO Cav
Donaldson, Chas. B.  Lt. Co K  - Mich. Cav
Dorman, Henry  Jan 10, 1799-Mar 16, 1914  Pvt. 7th Mich. Cav
Hedges, Jos.  Pvt. Co. C  182nd Ohio Inf
Jewart, Ephram A.  1846-1921  Pvt. Co. E 11th PA Inf
Lincle, W.A.  Corp  Co E  58th Ohio Inf.
Mayer, John G.  1839-1925  Cpt. Co. M 7th MO Cav
Milligan, J.A.  1841-1926  Pvt. Co D  -- Iowa Inf
Replogle, William A. Pvt. Co. C, 155th Ind Inf.
Roach, Marcellus S.  Mar 29, 1845 - Mar 9, 1922.  Pvt.  Co. F, 63rd Ohio Inf
Mindenmines Cemetery, Mindenmines, MO.    ========
Morey, Andrew    Co. B  38th IL Inf.
Sands, Jeremiah B.  1850-1902  Co. E, 137th IL Inf.
Moorehead Cemetery
Burkett, William M.  Oct 2, 1839-Mar 14,   1901.  Co. K, 1st Ark Vol. Inf
Jackson, James E. Jul 13, 1844-May 25,   1923  Corp. Co. B, 7th MO Cav
Tullis, Richard W. 9 Mar 1839-Aug 1,   1917   Co. A, Kansas Home Guard
Wood, David   Co. H, 46th Ind. Inf.
Winkle, James R. Aug 18, 1845-Jul 13,   1898  Pvt. Co. D. 2nd IL Inf
Mt. Carmel Cemtery
Barcroft, George M.  Nov 2, 1845-Feb 15, 1905.  Corp.  Co. F, 115th IL Inf
Houck, Cyrus   d. Jan 13, 1904- 63y.  Sgt. Co. E, 11th Mich Cav
Morris, Charles    Mar 20, 1937-Nov 24, 1924.  Fifer.  Co. B, 10th MO Inf
Southwick, Ezekiel R.   1836-1916.  Pvt. Co. B,  136th Ohio Inf.
Nashville Cemetery, Nashville, MO
Cone, Orville 1836-1897  Pvt. Henshaw's Battery, IL Lt Arty
Coss, Calvin  Feb 7, 1834-Feb 4, 1895  Pvt. Co. I,  67th Ohio Inf
Davis, John E.   Oct 4, 1847-Apr 21, 1892 Pvt. Co. B,  115th Iowa Inf.
Ferguson, John C.   Mar 19, 1840-Mar 12, 1920.  Pvt.  --IL Inf
Gregg, Anderson H.  1840-1919  Pvt. Co. G, 11th IL ---
Middaugh, James C.   Aug 31, 1834-Mar 27, 1912.  Union Soldier
Middaugh, George  Dec 28, 1822-Sep 23, 1896   Wagonmaster Co. C, 11th IL Cav
Pittinger, Alexander D. 1835-1908. LT. Co. G, 5th IL Cav
Richwine, John   Sep 12, 1827-Apr 23, 1893.  Pvt. Co. E, 11th Ind Inf
Royer, Emanuel    May 25, 1822-Sep 23, 1896. Co. F, 155th Ind Inf.
Runnels, Willis  1842-1914  Pvt. Co. I, 164th IL Inf
Taylor, John A.   June 21, 1841-Nov 10, 1912   Corp. Co. F, 125th IL Inf.
Taylor, John W.   1829-1887  Pvt. Co. C, 34th Iowa Inf
Walter, Arthur G.   Co. G, 2nd Michigan Cav.
Welty, Henry   Apr 4, 1837 - Jun 14, 1911. Co. F, 159th Ohio Inf
Newport Cemetery
Egbert, James D.  Apr 9, 1835 - Mar 18, 1908.  Co. F, 12th MO Inf. Parson's Brigade.     C.S.A.
Kirkpatrick, Zenas   Co. F, 10th MO Cav
Martin, Samuel L.   Jun 27, 1845-Jun 15, 1897.  Co. C, 60th Ohio Inf
Wagaman, Thomas H.   1840-1932.  Co. E, 4th MO Cav
Youngblood, R.C.   Co. D, 3rd MO SM Cav
Kite, Francis D.   Nov 16, 1851-Dec 15, 1916.  VA State Militia
Nigh Cemetery
Andress, N.B.   Co. C, 13th Iowa Inf
Bateman, Theodore 1845-1927  Pvt. Co.   E, 28th IL Inf
Cass, Lewis S.  Nov 19, 1838-Feb 7, 1899    Pvt. Co. D, 4th Ind Cav
Long, Andrew  Oct 31, 1824-Jan 9, 1901    Pvt. Co. F. 34th Iowa Inf.
Reed, Thomas B.  Co. I, 5th  Kan Cav
Foster, Arsenus Oct 15, 1848-Mar 20,   1941  Pvt. Co. K, 153rd IL Inf
Callison, John W. 1845-1929. Co. C,   Elliott's Regt., Shelby's Command. CSA
Oakton Cemetery, Oakton, MO.
Buzzard, John W.   1842-1925. U.S. Soldier - per 1890 Special U.S. Census
Daniels, M.J.   Wagoner.  Co. K, 1st Mich.
Long, William  Jan 8, 1819-Dec 15, 1885. U.S. Soldier - per 1883 Pensioners Roll
Onstott, William M.   Mar 9, 1836-Apr 14, 1912.  pvt.  53rd Regt MO Militia
Ruckle, Henry C.   Sep 17, 1844-Dec 20, 1910.  Pvt. Co. I, 14th Ohio Inf
Scott, William P.  Nov 1, 1832-Jan 25, 1903.  Pvt. Co. H, 14th IL Inf
Terhune, Martin V.   Jun 22, 1841-Jan 11, 1918.  Pvt. Co. D, 36th Iowa Inf.
Watts, Nicholas P.  Jul 25, 1824-Mar 26, 1898.  15th Michigan Inf.
Old Stone School Cemetery
Bridgewater, William B.  Oct 23, 1834-Apr 13, 1905.   U.S. Soldier per 1890 Special U.S Census
Pierce Cemetery
Pierce, Charles B.   1st Mo State Militia
Baker, Shade W.  Co. B 11th MO Inf  CSA
Mitchell, James 1827-1914  Sgt Co. C 86th IL Inf
Round Prairie Cemetery
Carender, Alfred S.   Dec 29, 1843-Apr 12, 1916.  Pvt.  Co. K, 12th MO Cav
Devine, E.L.   Jan 10, 1828-Nov 19, 1905. Pvt.  Co. D, 6th MO Cav
Harris, Evan R.   Jun 12, 1833 - Jun 23, 1910.  Co. G, 9th MO Inf. C.S.A.
Martin, George  W.   Dec 30, 1846 - Jul 8, 1879.  Sgt.  Co. E.  14th MO Cav
Rector, Jacob P.   May 9, 1837 - Aug 12, 1868.  Hunter's Regt., Shelby's Brig., Price's Div.  MO
Cav.   C.S.A.
Rector, James W.   Jan 5, 1834 - Feb 28, 1909.  Co. G, Smith's Regt.,Shelby's Brig., Price's Div. MO Cav  C.S.A.
Rector, Ludwell G.   Jul 12, 1821 - Apr 6, 1909.  Co. A, Hunter's Regt.,Shelby's Brig., Price's Div., MO Cav.   C.S.A.
Shiloh Cemetery
Gilmartin, Anthony  10 Jan 1840-14Jan   1896  Pvt. Co. A, 32nd IL Inf
Jones, Abram    Nov 2, 1841 - Mar 27, 1923.   6th Kan Cav
Lakin, John W. 1840-1919 Pvt. Co. A,   133rd Ohio Inf
Rouse, George W.   Dec 1,1836-Jan 16,   1921  Pvt. Co. K , 100th IL Inf
Stark, Thomas A.  Mar 26 1844-Mar 18,   1928  Pvt. Co. H, 1st Ark Cav
Thornton, George 1837-1916   Pvt. Co. G,    32nd IL Inf
St. James Lutheran Church Cemetery
Dodds, J.P.   Co. H, 10th IL Cav
Eisenhower, Paul   Feb 3, 1843-Oct 25, 1920.  4th TN Inf
Gardner, William   Aug 16, 1844-Apr 13, 1919. U.S. Soldier -per 1890 Sp U.S. census
Hatfield, Samuel D.   1844-1899.  Pvt. Co. K, 28th IL Inf
Keicher, Aaron   Oct 14, 1841-Jul 13, 1923.  Pvt. Co. G, 4th TN Cav
Ottinger, Thomas   1842-1893. Union Soldier- per 1890 Sp U.S. Census
Williams, Jason  Jan 14, 1842-Dec 10, 1912.  Pvt. Co. H,  8th MO Cav
Waters Cemetery
Brown, James C.   1844-1923.  6th MO Cav
Brown, T.L.   Oct 8.1820 - Feb 11, 1911. Co. C, 37th TN Inf.  C.S.A.
Budd, George W.  Co. F, 2nd Ohio Cav
Chapman, James   1843-1939.  Pvt. Co. H, 1st Wisc. Inf
Cline, Amon C.   1841-1930.  Pvt. Co. D, 11th Kan Cav
Cline, James B.   b. Nov 15, 1843 --.  Pvt. Co. B, 11th Kan Cav
Cline, William N.  b. May 16, 1838 --. Pvt. Pvt. Co. B, 11th Kan Cav
Kunkler, John   1837-1883.  Co. C, 6th Kan __
McGee, Thomas A.   July 22, 1835-May 22, 1910.  Pvt. Co. H, 45th MO Cav
Mitchell, Shadrack R.   Apr 11, 1841 - Jun 2, 1920. U.S Soldier -per 1890 Sp Census
Nett, Albert   Aug 22, 1840-Jul 31, 1902.  Pvt.  Co. H, 24th MO Inf
Quillin, George O.   1841-1933,  Pvt. Co. B, 35th Wisc Inf
Tidball, Andrew B.   Oct 11, 1842-Jun 20, 1895.  Pvt.  Co. H, 122nd Ohio Inf
VanVolkenburg, B.J.  1833-1893.  Pvt.  Co. G, 11th IL Inf
Watson, Samuel P.   Dec 13, 1838-May 23, 1921.  Pvt.  Co. B, 114th IL Inf
York, Benjamin C.   May 15, 1829 - Nov 18, 1910.  Co. A, 4th KY Cav.
Jack D. Rogers  1908 Chris Lane  Joplin, MO. 64804-1071

Jeptha RATHBUN who is Buried in Lake Cemetery, Barton County, Missouri was born September 30, 1842 in Chagrin Falls (now Cleveland) Ohio, he died July 17, 1927 at Lamar, Barton County, Missouri. He served in Co. G of the 47th (not 48th) Iowa Volunteers from April 30, 1864 until September 28, 1864. This was a 100 days enlistment. He served in Co. E of the 198th Ohio Vol. Infantry from March 24, 1865 until the war ended. This had been a one year enlistment. Jeptha RATHBUN  is listed as having served in the 48th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, this is not correct. Jeptha Rathbun was my gr-grandfather  Tim Rathbun
Lorenzo Dow Minner served in Co B 8th MO Volunteer Cavalry.  He was born 1832 in VA [now WV].  He was listed on 1850 and 1860 census record at Benton County MO.  Lorenzo moved to Kansas and was on 1870 and State census of 1875 in Douglas County KS, and 1880, 1895, 1900, 1920 census in Dickinson Co. KS. Lorenzo Dow Minner was buried in the Abilene KS Cemetery, and the G.A.R. was in charge of the ceremony. Audrey Schroeder. 

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