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Michele Perron JUST raised the bar in video production. She STARS in
Come Tomorrow is a world wide hit ...Juicy is now filling the BnB dance floor!

Hoe Down (Jessica & Adrian) All That I Am (Julie and Nev's waltz) are filling the floor at BnB as is Hey! People (Guyton Mundy), Mister Blue (Andrew, Simon and Sheila), Hips (Zac Deweiller), Cara Mia (Phil Dennington), Mr Pinstripe Simon Ward And Wonder Woman (Ward/Kumre)

Still Going Strong in the Bay Area venues: Bosa Nova (Phil Dennington) - Keep On Dancing (Robbie McGowan Hickie) - Heartbreaker - (Kate Sala) - It's Up To You (Kim Ray) - Simplemente (Kate Sala) - All The Way (Robbie McGowan Hickie) - Walk Back To Me (Albro, Metelnick/Biggs) - Red Dress - Metelnick/Biggs - Come Tomorrow (Michele Perron) - Solo Humano (Debbie Ellis) and Holding A Dream (Phil Dennington) (ALL sheets can be downloaded at )

Rob Fowler has written S.O.U.L. Steppin' to R&B singer Will Downing ...the music is pure SOUL.

step sheet collection & video clips: at

Lessons? S F Bay area line dance instructors listed by TEACH Cities
Clubs: Boots'n' Buckles - Cactus Corners - Country Hustlers - Quick Steppers
Socials: 2nd FRI - 2nd SAT - 1st SUN

MONDAY Westhope Social 9:30 - 11:30 Playlist August 7
Westhope Presbyterian Church; 12850 Saratoga Avenue

Fly Like A Bird Teach: Zydeco Lady

WEDNESDAY Saratoga Center Teach: Solo Humano
Lisa Lee will be teaching beginning classes in Saratoga 10 am on Wednesdays starting Aug 23.

FRIDAYSaratoga Social 10:15 - 12:30ish Playlist for August 11 review:
JUICY! (video)


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