November 16, 2005 -

The Movie
The Incredibles is one of Pixar's best, in huge part to Brad Bird, who also directed Iron Giant. I can't say I knew who Brad Bird was before The Incredibles, but with only one major movie under his belt along with some smaller short films, he created a near masterpiece of CGI, story, and animation.

The Incredibles is a superhero film, but never behaves like one. We get some great superheroics in the first ten or so minutes of the movie, only to have the supers asked to retire from their work and behave like normal people. We see Mr. Incredible work at an insurance agency as he gives more info than necessary to his clients, only to get reprimanded for insuring the customers responsibly and cutting into too much of the company's profits to do so. The movie takes it's time and paces itself very well, as it feels like it could have gone along the path of superheros trying to fit into a normal society until Mr. Incredible (who's alter ego is "Bob") is asked for his heroics once again.

This movie never panders to children, going so far as to have Elastigirl (Helen) talk with her stowaway kids (Violet and Dash) during her rescue mission on an island, telling them that the guards on the base will not hesitate to kill them if spotted. Of course it would be foolish to think actual harm would come to them in this movie, but the scene still plays very intense regardless.

This is a great film, and definitely one of Pixar's best. The sights, the animation, the great musical score by Michael Giacchino...everything comes together to make a superb movie and, dare I say, an incredible experience.

Score: 9 out of 10

The Video
The movie is kept in its original 2.35 ratio, and it looks extremely sharp. In fact, it is amazing how much detail can appear on the screen sometimes, as you can even see the small bumps and cracks on the marble walls in Edna Mode's house. This is definitely one of the sharpest films I've seen on UMD.

Unfortunately, the black levels are not quite there. They are a bit too bright, leading to some gray nighttime reconnaissance scenes that don't look as beautiful as they should. The colors can sometimes lack punch, and needed to be boosted just a bit -- though some scenes, like the dinner under lava and the end credits, look fantastic.

This movie looks great on the PSP screen, but the gray blacks and slight lack of vividness knock the score down. I was hoping for the great picture quality like Buena Vista's own The Nightmare Before Christmas UMD, but it's not quite there.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

The Audio
I think we have a winner for the best sounding UMD this year. The directional effects are perfect. The fake surrounds come in clear and sound amazing. The bass was sometimes too much for my headphones, and the whole volume of the UMD is very loud. The small scenes such as the dinner fight with Dash and Violet have fun with the surrounds, while the major battle scenes come in with vivid intensity. Michael Giacchino's score also sounds clear and precise, as does the vocals.

Definitely one of the best UMDs I've heard this year. Man, your gonna need some good headphones to experience this movie properly.

Score: 10 out of 10

The Extras
Once again we get a nice menu and presentation from Buena Vista, with the menu mixing the second disc DVD layout along with a new layout specifically for this UMD. It looks great, and the scene selection is nicely done. We also get a new Cars trailer different from the one on the Toy Story UMD.

Unfortunately, that's it. No more extra features here, and the Cars trailer is actually forced in the beginning as well as featured as the only bonus feature in the main menu, which of course makes zero sense.

I guess you could fault the running time on the lack of bonus material, but its times like these when I wish studios would port over DVD content that would take up hardly any room and make a perfect addition to the UMD. There was one major extra on the DVD that had tons of bios for all the superheros you quickly saw in Syndrome's database, and if you were patient enough to scroll through the pages of text, you would get some great stories and sometimes hilarious backgrounds on every super. Why not port something like that to the UMD? It would hardly take up any space, after all.

It's just that after the well done Toy Story 10th Anniversary UMD, this one feels a bit lacking, especially considering the price is around $20 and up.

Score: 2 out of 10

I have to say I'm both disappointed and amazed by this UMD. Amazed at the sound quality specifically, and disappointed by the lack of extra features and the video quality (which looks great, but not quite on par as I would have hoped). Recommended for fans of the movie, only.

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IGN's Ratings for The Incredibles
Rating Description  
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9.0 The Movie
This is a great film, and definitely one of Pixar's best.
7.5 The Video
This movie looks great on the PSP screen, but the gray blacks and slight lack of vividness knock the score down.
10 The Audio
Definitely one of the best UMDs I've heard this year.
2.0 The Extras
Trailer for Cars.
(out of 10 / not an average)