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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Blogger jailed for refusing to hand over video
A freelance journalist/blogger who videoed last summer's San Francisco G8 demonstration was arrested and jailed yesterday for capturing "vandalism to a police car" in his footage. The court said that he had recorded damage to "federal property" and that gave them the right to arrest him and confiscate his footage. Previously, a court had ordered him to turn over his footage, but he refused, citing the First Amendment and journalist shield laws. The court says it will hold him for a year, until the grad jury investigating the damage to the police car expires.
Josh refused, and in his incredible presentation I saw at Vloggercon 2006, explained that he was concerned about the feds' intentions -- worried that they might be indiscriminately compiling antiwar, "terrorist" group lists. Josh is 24, and a friend. So now... shoot a video locally and go to jail? Our lame-duck SFGate has its head stuck up its ass because they're defending the mainstream media with an article the totally sidesteps the story (ha!), but CNet is on it.
Link (Thanks, Violet!)

Update: Kenneth sez, "The SF Chronicle has now published an editorial called 'Free Josh Wolf' which contains the sentence, 'But the First Amendment was not crafted just to protect the mainstream media.'"

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