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How to use the counter digits on your website.

Welcome to the graphics-lite version of the Museum of Counter Art. The museum now exhibits over 500 different works of counter art. If you would like to know how to use these counter digits, click here.

We are starting our second survey! If YOU would like to help, then please... Take our Visitor Survey. We are offering select counter art sets only to those who complete the form.

Counter art is displayed in the various exhibit rooms of the museum based on its particular look or style. Information about each artist and links to download the artwork are provided for each counter. When you enter an exhibit, select the name of the counter you want to get. This will display the specific counter's info with links to download the artwork.

Counter technology used by The Museum of Counter Art is The Ultimate Counter by QPT Networks. Their site shows you how to place a FREE counter on your web page without installing a CGI!

If you have any questions regarding the use of counter art with QPT's Ultimate Counter, or how to make the Ultimate Counter work for your web site, please refer your questions to:

When you find a great set of counter digits that should be in the Museum, let us know at: Send the URL (and attach the digits if you've got them) and we'll add it to the collection.

Digit Exhibits in the Museum of Counter Art

These artists have contributed fifteen or more counters:

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Thanks to Sean Adams' Ultimate Counter.

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