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(about 4-1/2" in diameter)

Designed by Irene 10/2001

You need a small amount of orange and black yarn, a G or H hook and a yarn needle.

  Some Felt if you want to make a face and some glue.


Here's a simple pattern I created for making a small pumpkin. With orange yarn chain about 20. Working in back loops throughout *(Slip stitch in first 4 stitches, sc in each stitch to within last 4 stitches, slip stitch in remaining 4 stitches. Ch 1 and turn.  Sl st in first 4 sts, hdc in each st to within last 4 sts, sl st in rem 4 sts.  Ch 1 and turn)   Repeat from * till you have 22 rows. Finish off leaving a length of yarn to sew sides together. Sew the sides together then gather one end to close tightly. Stuff with filler then gather other end to close tightly. Run yarn through top to bottom then back up to top and tie slightly taut to form a dimple in top and bottom of pumpkin. Make a stem with green or brown yarn by chaining about 5 stitches and attach to top of pumpkin. 

Hints: Hide all ends by pulling them through to inside of pumpkin.

To make a larger pumpkin simply make your beginning chain longer and crochet as many rows that you need to reach the circumference that you want.

Make a face with black felt and glue in place, add a hat or decorate as you wish. 




With black, ch 4, 11 dc in first ch.  Join.  Working in back loops, Ch 1, sc in same place and in each dc around, Join.  Repeat this row two for times working through both loops.  Next row -- Working in front loops, ch 4, 2 trc in same place and 3 trc in each sc around.  Join.  




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