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The Next 100 Years
2000 Predictions

  1. Interest rates will rise very slowly until Spring and then will level off and begin to go downward.
  2. Stocks stay pretty steady. The NASDAQ fluctuates up and down wildly in March, but the Dow stays pretty solid.
  3. Building everywhere from all corners of the State (CA) is at an all-time high.
  4. There will be a lot of purchasing of property in foreign countries by Americans and for the first time at such an all-time high.
  5. There is going to be a shake-up at American Airlines during January and February. American will also merge with Alaska Airlines.
  6. TWA is hanging on by a thread and will probably not last until the end of the year.
  7. Unemployment will be very low. There will be another acceleration of the minimum hourly wage by mid-year.
  8. New electronic companies are in the making now, but will really burst on the scene by late Fall. This is as a result of not only technical advances but also genetic research.
  9. The beginnings of a surge for a flat tax will be bantered around and come to some conclusion before the next election that will take us into 2001.
  10. Air travel reaches an all-time high, but because of overbookings and poor service, the airlines will need to revamp their scheduling practices.
  11. As in the 1940's and 50's, we are going to see a lot of small businesses flourish like the old Mom and Pop operations.
  12. There is a big upsurge in the population looking for more antiques and handmade articles than things that are mass-produced.
  13. There will be extensive monitoring of the internet that will be imposed to govern and reduce indiscriminate pornography. This will be drastically different from the filtering software available now, along with harsh regulation.
  14. There will be a definite crackdown by the Federal Government regarding frivolous lawsuits. This has been bantered around for a while, but now a definite crackdown is imposed.
  15. Sorry to say there will be three hurricanes that hit in rapid succession in the Fall, again around the Bahamas, then Mexico, Florida, and the Carolinas.
  16. Tornadoes touch down in Ohio in April and a devastating one touches down in Brownesville and San Antonio, Texas in the Spring.
  17. An earthquake hits around the Niagara Falls area, small but significant because of where it is.
  18. There will be small earthquakes that hit around the Northern California area in January and February, nothing of significance.
  19. Los Angeles registers a 5.3 earthquake in and around the valley in late March.
  20. Seattle area, around Olympia, gets a 4.9 earthquake around June. None of these earthquakes above are devastating.
  21. The warming trend continues and climates begin to change drastically even more than we have seen in the last ten years. Temperatures along the East Coast become milder and along the West Coast colder and more damp and also due in part to the polar tilt.
  22. NASA finally cuts back on the space program realizing that every time they send up a space vehicle they are tearing the ozone layer.
  23. The midwestern U.S. has a big uprising because of some kind of polluted waste hazard. This has not been recognized at this point, but begins to surface around Branson.
  24. There is going to be a very definite detection of mines and some bombs that have not been detonated off the coast of Hawaii.
  25. Train wrecks will occur in France and England causing quite a bit of devastation in May.
  26. In June a major airline disaster is averted.
  27. An airline high-jacking is thwarted out of Florida in August.
  28. Democrats will win the election with Bill Bradley, with close competition from the Reform Party.
  29. New York crime continues to be at an all-time low, and crime across the country, including crime in schools seems to reach an all-time low.
  30. The one thing that is very frightening as we go into the millennium, and even though spirituality is at an all-time high, is that we will see more occult groups arising and people professing to be the Messiah.
  31. Organized religion becomes gentler and kinder and more liberal, which goes along with spirituality and in keeping with Christ's words.
  32. We are approaching an age of innate goodness and acceptance and the philosophy of living and let live. People become more conscious of others like it was in the 1940's and 50's; e.g., when someone dies, people come together to help with a more community-like lifestyle. Families begin to band together as they once did.
  33. Elizabeth Taylor ends up back at the Betty Ford Center.
  34. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston get married, but it lasts for only a short time.
  35. Gwyneth Paltrow marries an older man who is in the entertainment business, but not as well known as she.
  36. David Letterman decides to call it quits from his nightly late show after this year.
  37. John Travolta has to be very careful flying his plane in February.
  38. Donald Trump buys another large hotel and goes into partnership with someone very well known in a production company.
  39. Neither Warren Beatty nor Donald Trump has any success in politics.
  40. Courtney Cox will get pregnant this year and have a baby boy.