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Firefox can do that? Using Extensions to Customize Your Web Browser
with Rachel Bridgewater

Webcast One Hour
Friday, Sept 8th
1 PM ET   10 AM PT
Member: $75.00 + GST
Non-Member: $95.00 + GST


Mozilla Firefox has become the browser of choice for many librarians. We love this upstart for its tabbing browsing, pop-up blocking, and security features. What really sets Firefox apart, though, are the free extensions that are available to customize and enhance its functionality. Extensions add power and fun to Firefox. This session will look at Firefox's history and development, cover the basics of finding and installing extensions, show several "must have" extensions in action, and explore the big pictures issues raised by users taking control of the software they use.

The Benefits
Take control of your Web browsing experience and pick up some fun and useful tricks that help you get more mileage out of your Web browser. Discover extensions (special add on tools) to add to your copy of Firefox that will save you time and make some of your favourite tasks easier to do. Explore the potential impact of a Web browser designed for extensibility for yourself and your library users.

Who Should Participate?
No experience with Firefox is necessary. Anyone interested in taking control of their Web browsing experience should attend.

Key Topics You Will Explore
  • Firefox history and background
  • Basics: Overview of basic features
  • Basics: Finding, installing, and maintaining extensions
  • Demonstration of "must-have" extensions
  • Discussion of the big picture issues raised by the popularity of Firefox and Firefox extensions
Rachel Bridgewater
Rachel Bridgewater is the Reference Coordinator at Washington State University Vancouver. Rachel frequently speaks about technology topics at local, national, and international conferences. In her talks, Rachel often addresses the impact of emerging technologies on culture, learning, and teaching. Though she most frequently speaks about technology, her primary research interest is information policy. Prior to joining the faculty at WSU Vancouver, Rachel worked at Fort Vancouver Regional Library.