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Resident Loses Fight Over Dogs

Resident Loses Fight Over Dogs

Judy Stamps considers her backyard of 18 years her haven her escape. That all changed Friday.

�That has been extremely peaceful place for me to be, and has now been completely shattered,� neighbor Judy Stamps said.

Shattered, she said, by her brand new neighbor's business.

�They can come in with 50 dogs, big dogs,� Stamps said.

This backyard is literally Hudson's Huskies and Malamutes -- a top notch breeding business, considered to be one of the biggest and best of its kind.

�I don't understand why dogs are nuisance,� breeder and neighbor Jolene Houghtaling said.

Stamps may not like it, but there's nothing she can do.
Everything about this neighborhood breeding business is legal. The sheriff's department even said they wished all animals were cared for this well. Stamps said it's an issue of safety and noise.

�I'm to feel safe now with letting two children in the backyard?� Stamps said. �I should be ok with that?�

The breeder's argument: There are 2-foot, 6-inch fences for these mild mannered breeds, and she said the dogs rarely make a lot of noise.

�I am here to stay, I'm not leaving,� Stamps said.

There's nothing illegal about having a breeding business like that in a residential neighborhood in Putnam County.

The breeder said she had the same business in Cookeville. Neighbors complained then, but within a couple weeks, they grew to like her and the dogs.

Stamps said she has called the county commissioner and sheriff's department, but there is nothing she can legally do.

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