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Okay, we don't want to sound like teenage girls or anything but


Halo 3! If you haven't seen the announcement trailer yet,GO NOW!

The drama! The swirling dust! The stuff breaking through the earth's crust!
And the great music! (Go MoD!) Wow.

So on to other news.
There is a new 8 Bit Playlist from DJ Octobit- in the 8 Bit section.

To our great surprise, our new video blog about net neutrality seems to have made it's way into certain congressional offices. No kidding. We are told that it is being passed around to galvanize the coalition fighting to get net neutrality written into law. We are, of course, honored to be part of the discourse. We're just wondering if this means we'll get some of that famous Congressional "pork" we've heard so much about? We'll pass on the "barrels", thank you.
If you haven't seen the blog, check the Blogs section.

It has also come to our attention that is running a "Viral Video Contest to Save The Net". To quote from the site:

"Who better than us to harness the enabling power of the Internet to bring our message to legislators, to policymakers, to the public?"

Jeff Pulver and crew ask that you send them your "short, creative ideas -- videos and other Internet-based gimmicks -- that you think might effectively communicate to government that they must write rules to enable us the Internet innovators to transform the Internet and communications experience".

We think this the machinima community and This Spartan Life viewers might have some good ideas that could help this effort and maybe win the contest to boot. Visit for the details.