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icon_STOP02Park News - (7/24/06) It must have been a slow news day in Orlando yesterday, because the local news reports that a woman freaked out a little too much while riding Kraken on Saturday night. When the ride came back to the station she reported feeling disoriented and was suffering from an “anxiety attack”. Medical assistance was called to treat her and while this was taking place, the woman’s daughter apparently lost it as well and passed out. Both were taken to a local hospital for observation and expected to be fine.
   (4/7/06) SeaWorld Orlando has raised their parking fees from $9 to $10.
   (12/10/05) The Orlando Sentinel reports that SeaWorld Orlando and San Antionio will each send two of their killer whales to Loro Parque in the Canary Islands. Click here for the whole story.

2006 - Believe - Confirmed - (5/25/06) Though it’s quite long top watch, you can see the entire new Believe show posted to
   (4/25/06) I poked my head into the new Believe show, a work in



progress right now, to snap a new shot of the set and moving screens that are not yet moving.
   (11/10/05) Visiting to Orlando Business Journal to read a report all about Believe, the all new Shamu show coming next year.
   (10/14/05) Believe is the name of the all new Shamu show that will open in 2006, along with a complete transformation of the stage area into a new two story tall stage, water fountains and the addition of four LED video screens that can move and rotate. You can read a few more details at the Orlando Sentinel.

2006 - Shamu Express & Two Kiddie Rides - (5/25/06) We’ve finally got the names of the two other kiddie rides added to the park. The







Swishy Fishies is the name of the mini tea cups and Jazzy Jellies is the name of the Samba Tower. You can see some new photos of the Happy Harbor area posted to Theme Park Review. They’ve also posted one interesting photo from the Skytower showing off that land clearing has begun for the new waterpark across the street.
   (5/19/06) Shamu Express and the other two kiddie rides are now open. You can see some photos of the coaster in action here as well as a video.
   (4/25/06) I’ve got the latest photos of Shamu Express and the two other kiddie rides set up in Happy Harbor, a whirlpool themed mini Tea Cup ride and an unfinished Samba Tower.
   (4/18/06) A reader has sent in a couple of photos taken this week that show off the nearly complete layout for the new Shamu Express kiddie coaster.
   (3/27/06) WestCoaster has posted a few construction shots of the new Shamu Express kiddie coaster construction site.
   (10/14/05) SeaWorld Orlando will open three new kiddie rides near Shamu stadium next spring according to the article in the Orlando Sentinel. The new rides will include a Shamu Express, a themed kiddie coaster, a Jelly Fish themed Samba Tower and something described as “oversized beach buckets that spin and whirl”.

2006/2007 - Two New Rides - Rumor - (5/19/06) I’ve heard that SeaWorld may start work to add two more flat rides to the mix at Happy Harbor by the end of the summer. They could open before the end of the year possibly or by Spring 2007 depending on when they get started it seems. Rumor has it one of the two rides will be a Zamperla Rockin’ Tug and the other may be a Jump Around with a different theme.


2008 - Aquatica / New Waterpark - (7/10/06) I did a little digging in the trademark office and discovered several filing made by Busch Entertainment for the word “Aquatica” and “Aquatica SeaWorld’s Waterpark”, which seems to be sure fire lockdown on the proposed name for the new park.
   (12/19/05) The Orlando Sentinel reports that the new waterpark project’s timetable has been bumped back from Summer 2007 to a March 2008 opening date in order to tweak and refine the project plans.
   (8/15/05) Orange County gave their unanimous approval to SeaWorld’s new waterpark, recommending only a few small changes to the plan.
   (7/18/05) SeaWorld Orlando confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel this week that the new project they are planning across International Drive will indeed be a new high end waterpark. They say that this will be a “naturalistic water park” that will include experiences with animals as well as water rides. They even issued a piece of concept art showing off one of the park’s new signature attractions, a clear acrylic waterslide tube that will go through a lagoon full of Commerson’s dolphins. They also say that the park will be designed with the guest experience in mind and a “focus on very short lines.” Once final approval is given from Orange County, they will start construction sometime in 2006 and have the park open in 2007.
   (6/21/05) Making the headlines this week is the confirmation that SeaWorld Orlando is planning on building a small 58 acre third park that is expected to open in 2007. SeaWorld will only confirm that much so far and says that the official announcement will come this fall. The Orlando Sentinel article has a map of the site and mentions that it is expected to be a waterpark that will rival Wet ‘N Wild who’s own existence may be coming to a close as the terms of their lease start to change in 2007 and the price is expected to rise through the roof by 2012. Some of the local residence in the land next to the proposed park site across International Drive from SeaWorld are already complaining about the project. At 58 acres, this new park will be bigger than Typhoon Lagoon (50 acres) and smaller than Blizzard Beach (66 acres).




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