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Bob Leman (1922-2006)

Robert J. Leman, known to friends, readers, and fans as Bob Leman, died on August 8, 2006, at home among family and friends who had set up a "home hospice." He had suffered a long progressive illness with courage and dignity.

Leman published at least 13 short stories in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction from 1967 through 1988. They were collected along with two other stories in Feesters in the Lake and Other Stories which was released by Midnight House in 2002. His story "Window" was a Nebula Award finalist.

Beginning with appearances in letter columns in the old pulps, Leman was active in SF fandom well into the 1960s, publishing a classic fanzine called The Vinegar Worm. He was a member of First Fandom.

Leman is survived by his wife, two daughters, and four grandchildren.

Posted August 8, 2006

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