"I proclaim publicly that I favor ending
government involvement in education."
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Our proclamation is a declaration of independence
, a statement that declares that each signer believes people should be free to educate their children for a real future, for a free future, and not be forced to have them educated for the government's future.

Our list of over 29,469 signers includes prominent people from many fields (education, government, business), as well as thousands of everyday people acting on the liberty guaranteed them in the U. S. Constitution.

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Some of Our More Well-known Signers:

Opinion Leaders Endorse

“Separation of School and State”


(Affiliations shown for identification purposes only)


Public” and Private School Educators

Fr Rogelio C Alcantara M

Director of Commission on Pastoral Education, Archdiocese of Mexico

Candace Allen

1989 Colorado Enterprising

Teacher of the Year

John Cooper

Headmaster, Wichita Collegiate

Douglas Dewey

Founder, Washington Scholarship Fund

David D Friedman

Santa Clara University

Marshall Fritz

Alliance for the Separation of

School & State

John Taylor Gatto

1991 New York State Teacher of the Year

William Kirk Kilpatrick

Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong

Steve Kossor

The Kossor Education Newsletter

D Bruce Lockerbie

A Passion for Learning

Charles MacKenzie

President, Grove City College 1971-1992

Tamar Manrique

Principal, Dagarbin School

Caracas, Venezuela

Rev Ellsworth McIntyre

How to Become a Millionaire in

Christian Education

Fernando Monterroso

Rector, Universidad Francisco Marroquin


Mary Novello

For All the Wrong Reasons: The Story Behind Government Schools

Rev James R Patrick

Headmaster, East Moline Christian School

John K Rosemond

Parenting Author, Columnist, Speaker

Rosalie Slater RIP

Foundation for American

Christian Education

John Stormer

None Dare Call It Education

Thomas Szasz

Myth of Mental Illness

Robert Thoburn

Founder, Fairfax Christian School

James N Tooley

Reclaiming Education

University of Newcastle, England

Alexander Tubelsky

Principal, School of Self-Determination

Moscow, Russia

E G West RIP

Education and the State

Richard Wilkins

World Family Policy Center

Brigham Young University


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Homeschool Leaders

Sarah Bachmann

Founding Leader of Homeschool Association of Switzerland

Samuel Blumenfeld

Is Public Education Necessary?

Fran Crotty

Kolbe Academy

Cathy Duffy

Government Nannies

Ronald & Inge Cannon

Education PLUS

Mary Kay Clark

Seton Home Study School

Kimberly Hahn

Home School Advocate

Alan & Lori Harris

Landmark Distributors

Gregg Harris

Noble Publishing

Wade & Jessica Hulcy

Home Education Advocates

Ingeborg G V Kendall

School at Home

Santos Mercado Reyes

Director del Seminario FA Hayek,

Universidad Autonoma Metro., Mexico

Jane Orient

Association of American

Physicians & Surgeons

Mary & Bill Pride

Publishers, Practical Home Schooling

John Mark Reynolds

Biola University

Art Robinson

Publisher, Access to Energy

Raymond Stalker

Executive Director

Illinois Christian Home Educators


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Policy Leaders

John K Andrews

Former President, Colorado State Senate

Brenda Anglin

Director, Concerned Women for

America of Pennsylvania

Anne Ball

Director, Concerned Women for

America of Washington

Sandee Beckers

Former President, Eagle Forum California

Nora Bennis

Leader, Christian Political Party, Ireland

David Bergland

Libertarianism in One Lesson

John Blundell

General Director, Institute of

Economic Affairs, London, England

David Boaz

Cato Institute

Donald Boudreaux

Chairman, Department of Economics

George Mason University

Barbara Branden

The Passion of Ayn Rand

Nathaniel Branden

My Years with Ayn Rand

Harry Browne RIP

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

Steve Buckstein

President, Cascade Institute

Allan Carlson

Howard Center

Alice Click

Director, Concerned Women for

America of West Virginia

James Clymer

Chairman, Constitution Party

Ed Crane

President, Cato Institute


Steve Dasbach

Libertarian National Committee

Joey Davis

Director,  Concerned Women for

America of Missouri

Dinesh D’Souza

Illiberal Education

David Dunn

Research and Policy Director

Oklahoma Family Policy Council

Larry Elder

Talk Show Host, Author, Columnist

M Stanton Evans

National Journalism Center

Ezola Foster

Former Public School Teacher

What’s Right for All Americans

Bobby Franklin

Georgia Assemblyman

Ismael Garcia

Mayor of La Victoria, Aragua, Venezuela

Enrique Ghersi

Chairman, International Society of Individual Liberty (ISIL), Lima, Peru

Jon Henrik Gilhuus

Chairman, Free Democrats, Norway

Sharon Harris


Advocates for Self-Government

Karen Hayes

Director, Concerned  Women for

America of Illinois

David R Henderson

Research Fellow, Hoover Institution

Don Hodel

Former Secretary of Interior

Jacob Hornberger

President, Future of Freedom Foundation

George House

California Assemblyman, Retired

Carla Howell

President, Center for Small Government

Brannon Howse

American Family Policy Institute

Rick Jore

Montana Assemblyman

Robert D Kephart

Founder, Libertarian Review

Byron Lamm

State Policy Network

Susan Lintner

Director, Concerned Women for

America of Connecticut

Peg Luksik

National Parents Commission

Barrie Lyons

Board of Trustees, Concerned

Women for America


Rodrigo Marin

Former Colombian Minister of Labor, Economics, Transporation; 40 years Colombian Senate; Ambassador to Spain

J Stanley Marshall

Chair, James Madison Institute

Sandi Martinez

Director, Concerned Women for

America of Massachusetts

Dr. Maria Mascarenhas

Centre for Research Education Service & Training for Family Life Promotion, India

Russell Means

American Indian Activist

Paul Mero

President, Sutherland Institute

Vince Miller

President, International Society of Individual Liberty (ISIL)

Steve W Mosher

Population Research Institute

Nancy O’Toole

President, Massachusetts Eagle Forum

Art Olivier

2000 Libertarian Party

Vice Presidential Candidate

Ron Paul

US Congressman, Texas

Howard Phillips

Conservative Caucus

Larry Pratt

Gun Owners of America

Sheldon Richman

Separating School and State

Ron Robinson

President, Young America’s Foundation

Lew Rockwell

Ludwig von Mises Institute

Don Rogers

California State Senator, Retired

Sam Slom

Hawaii State Senator

Fred Smith


Competitive Enterprises Institute

George H Smith

Atheism: The Case Against God

Judy Smith

Director, Concerned Women for

America of Kansas

Rigoberto Stewart

President, Institute for Liberty & Analysis of Policy in Government, Costa Rica

Michael Semin

President, Civic Institute, Prague

Richard Stroup


Thomas Szasz

The Myth of Mental Illness

David Theroux

President, Independent Institute

Ron Trowbridge

Vice President, Hillsdale College; Imprimus

Jerry Tuccille

Civil Liberties and Free-market.net

Vanita Warren

Concerned Women for

America of Colorado

Paul Wever

Former Minister of Economics, Guatemala

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Business & Media Leaders

Linda Bowles RIP


Barry Conner

Homebuilder, Gainesville, Georgia

Jeff Dahlberg


Douglas Dewey

Founder, Washington Scholarship Fund

William A Dunn

Foundation for Advancement of

Right Thinking

Joseph Farah

Editor and CEO, WorldNetDaily

Ing Alonso Gutierrez Cortina

Presidente, ProLink Productivad Real

Mexico City, Mexico

Paul V Harberger


Foundation Francisco Marroquin

David Hirschman


Ethelmae Humphreys

Chairman, Tamko Roofing Products

Tom Monaghan

Founder of Domino’s Pizza

William Murchison

Columnist, Dallas Morning News

Robert Prechter Jr

Elliott Wave International

Jack Pugsley


Sheldon Rose

Builder, Michigan

Chris Rufer

Agribusiness, Sacramento, California

Vin Suprynowicz

Sindicated Columnist; Editorial Writer, Las Vegas Review Journal


Richard Wallace

Freedom Communications


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Talk Show Hosts

James Alsis

Lake Worth, Florida

Chuck Baker

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Larry Bates

Memphis, Tennessee

Patrick Campbell

Erie, Pennsylvania

Peter Ford

Beverly Hills, California

Don Formanek

Moorhead, Minnesota

Joyce Harley

Eagan, Minnesota

Brent Johnson

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Jan Mickelson

Des Moines, Iowa

Stanley Monteith

Soquel, California

Martin Nalitz

Littleton, Colorado

Gary Nolan

Rocky River, Ohio

Ralph Ovadal

Monroe, Wisconsin

Lowell Ponte

Carlsbad, California

Bob Price

Morgantown, Indiana

Fred Schnaubelt

San Diego, California

Mark Scott

Detroit, Michigan

Joe Seehusen

Fairfield, Iowa

Murray Sabrin

Leonia, New Jersey

Bob Ward

Austin, Texas

Harvey Wysong

Atlanta, Georgia


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Protestant Leaders

Lane Adams

The Incredible Patience of God

E Calvin Beisner

Prosperity and Poverty

Joel Belz

World Magazine

Gary DeMar

American Vision

Marshall Foster

Mayflower Institute

Ben Gilmore

American Christian History

Jay Grimstead

Coalition on Revival

Don Hodel

Former President, Focus on Family

D James Kennedy

Coral Ridge Ministries

Rev Tim LaHaye

Left Behind

Emanuel McLittle

Destiny Communications

E Raymond Moore

Exodus Mandate

Ron Nash RIP

Faith & Reason: Searching for a

Rational Faith

David Noebel

Summit Ministries

Gary North

Institute for Christian Economics

Marvin Olasky

The Tragedy of American Compassion

Rev R J Rushdoony RIP

Chalcedon Report

Andrew Sandlin

Center for Cultural Leadership

Otto Scott RIP

Otto Scott’s Compass

R C Sproul Jr

Highlands Study Center

Phil Stringer

Landmark Bible College

Herb Titus


Rus Walton RIP

Plymouth Rock Foundation

Douglas Wilson



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Catholic Leaders

Marianne Alpha CV

Human Life International

Bishop F J Ardaiz SJ

Auxiliary Bishop, Santo Domingo, DR

Fr Hugh  Barbour O Praem

St Michael’s Abbey

John W Blewett

Editor, Latin Mass Magazine

Alex Chafuen

President, Atlas Foundation

Sr Connie Driscoll RIP

St Martin de Porres House of Hope

John Finn

Pro-life Activist

Fr Charles Fiore RIP

Catholic Home School Network

Fr Joseph Ganssle OFM

Our Lady of the Rosary Academy

Brother Paul Goeltz

St. Mary’s University, Texas

Fr John A Hardon SJ RIP

The Catholic Catechism

E Michael Jones

Culture Wars

George Kendall


William Marshner

Christendom College

Fr Paul Marx OSB

Founder, Human Life International

Neil McCaffrey

Roman Catholic Books

Roger McCaffrey

Roman Catholic Books

Charles E Rice

Notre Dame Law School

Msgr Richard Schuler

St Agnes, St Paul, Minnesota

Mark Shea

By What Authority

Joseph Sobran

Editor, Sobran’s

Bishop Ssekamaanya

Lugazi, Uganda

Christine Vollmer

Founder of Provive, Mother of Seven

Caracas, Venezuela


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Jewish Leaders

Israel Krongold

IBM Scientist, Retired

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

President, Toward Tradition

Joseph Morris

Lincoln Legal Foundation

Elie Pieprz

Toward Tradition

Jeffrey Satinover MD


Rabbi Mayer Schiller

Teacher, Author

Yarden Weidenfeld

Executive Director, Toward Tradition


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Latter Day Saints Religious Leaders

Carolyn Carruth

Three-time School Board Member

in California & Washington; Former Bishop Fresno Stake, California

Bruce Daniel

Dentist, Vernal, Utah

Eric Ebeling

Bishopric, Broomall, Pennsylvania

Alan Fluckiger

President, American Heritage Academy, Former LDS Bishop, Burley, Idaho

Andrew Groft

Provost, George Wythe College

Cedar City, Utah

Geoffrey Grunewald

Stake President

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

James Jones

Founder of Familyhood Education, Inc

Paul Mero

President, Sutherland Institute

Salt Lake City, Utah

Anthony “Tony” Overbay

Seminary Teacher, Lincoln, California

Richard Partridge

Ordnance Worker, Ogden Temple

Mark Skousen

President, Foundation for Economic Education, Irvington, New York

Dr Richard Wilkins

World Family Policy Center

Brigham Young University

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Muslim Leaders

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad

Minaret of Freedom

Hamza Yusuf Hanson

Islamic Scholar

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Latin American Endorsers


Enrique Aam

Moreno, Buenos Aires

Jose Benegas

Lawyer, Journalist, Writer for Freedom!

Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires

Sebastián Sassaroli

La Plata, Buenos Aires


Chairman ATLAS Argentina

San Ysidro, Buenos Aires

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Olavo Luiz P de Carvalho

Famous Brazilian Writer, Married,

Eight Children, Catholic, Petrópolis, RJ

Adam Gonnerman

Bivocational Missionary, Member of US Libertarian Party, Uberlandia, MG

Rafael Plácido

Criciúma, SC


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Ray Harbaugh

Missionary family, homeschooling parents of six children, Rancagua


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Carlos Acosta


Ana M Agamez

Manzales Caldas

Alcira Agamez A

Ministry of Education, Adjunct Professor of Education, Advocate of Escuela Neuva, Bogota

Eduardo Arango

Civil Engineer, Manizales, Caldes

Fr Jairo Candamil

Catholic Priest, Director of Education, Archdiocese of Cali, Cali Valle

Gloria Ines Castaro G


Inez Rose Christie

Christian Missionary and Education


Carlos Martin Carvajal

Bogota Lundinamoria

Sandra Giraldo

University Student, Bogota

Carlos Gomaz

Manizales, Caldes

Carina Maria Hernandez Cortes

Cali, Valle

Gloria Inés Ossa

Political Consultant

Cali, Valle

Margarita Lopez

Manizales, Caldas

Rodrigo Marin

Former Minister of Labor, Economics, Transportation, 40 years a Senator, former Ambassador to Spain; Bogota

Aua Cecelia Marin

Visits prisons for Prison Fellowship


Martha Lucia Mejia

26 years conventional public school teacher & administrator, now keen on Escuela Nueva, Manizales, Caldes

Andres & Maria & Alvaro Mejia-Vergnaud

Founder, DL Foundation, Bogata

Inma Melasco


Guillermo Ortiz M

Manizales, Caldes

Sr Maria Enea Parra Restrepo

Franciscan Sister, Finance Director for Colombia, Bogota

Rodrigo Restrepo

Professor of Symbolic Logic,

Early Designer of Escuela Nueva,

Manizales, Caldes

Myriam A Rocha


Monica P Rodriguez S


Lucio Valdiviejo G

Cali, Valle

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Costa Rica

Enrique Soler

San Jose

Rigoberto Stewart

President Institute for Liberty & Analysis of Policy in Government, First Proclaimer in Costa Rica, Alajuela

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Christian & Lisa Kay Watson

US Marine Corps Homeschool Teacher, Parents of Three, Guantanamo Bay


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Dominican Republic

Francisco José Arnaiz SJ

Auxiliary Bishop of Santo Domingo

Sr Margarita Chico Sacistán

Religious Educator, Santo Domingo

Miguel Montilla

Santo Domingo

José Rodriguez

Architect, Santo Domingo

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El Salvador

Maria Alicia de Barri Entos

First Signer in El Salvador

San Salvador del hogar

Julia Regina de Cardenal

de Guadalupe, San Salvador

Aida de Fonteriaus

N-2 La Libertad, Ama de Casa

Maria de la Accofles Laras

San Salvador, Ama de Casa

Aida Rodriguez

Social Worker, Fundacion Nuevos Tiempos, San Salvador

Mario A Sol

Agricultural Engineer

San Salvador

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Fr Ramon Adair Sturtze OCD

Catholic Priest, Educator, Hospice and Clinic Founder, Guatemala City

Caroll de Rodriguez

CEES Board Member and Francisco Marroquin University Trustee

Luis Figueroa

Journalist University Francisco Marroquin

Elizabeth Hanchez

Universidad Francisco Marroquin

Guatemala City

Max Holzhev

Universidad Francisco Marroquin

Guatemala City

Giancarlo Ibarguen S

Secretary General, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala City

Roxana Kawas

Atlanta Grad Student, Emory University; Graduate Universidad Francisco Marroquin; Guatemala City

Jaime Lopez

Mixco San Crisobal SEPAL Short Term Mission Trip Coordinator

Fernando Monterroso

Rector, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, First university president to sign proclamation; Guatemala City

Ramon Parellada

CEES Director, University Francisco Marroquin; President POLYTEC Polimeros y Technologia SA; Villa Nueva

Carla Quintanilla

English and Chemistry Teacher, REMAR, Guatemala City

Rev Fr Angelo Roncero

Universidad Francisco Marroquin


Estuardo Samayoa

CEES Director

Tony Trujillo

Colegio Maya, Guatemala City

Paul Wever

Former Minister of Economics

La Montana


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Karl Nozil

Orphanage Director, Port oui Prince


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Fr Rogelio C Alcantara M

Catholic Priest, Director of Commission on Pastoral Education, Archdiocese of Mexico, Mexico City, DF

Fuasto Alzati

Chairman, CILACE; Former Minister of Education of Mexico

Marie Teresa Cedillo Lopez

Social Services, Diocese of Mexico

Las Aguilas, DF

Desiree Dickinson

Homeschool Parent, Puerto Vallarta

Russell Fritz

Charter Fisherman & Raconteur

Baja Calif Sur CP

Mario Garcia


Alonso Gutierrez

Mexico City DD

Miguel Gutierrez

Public School Music Teacher

Guadalajara Jalisco

Gabriela Gutierrez

Guadalajara Jalisco

Ing Alonso Gutierrez Cortina

Presidente, ProLink Productivad Real, Mexico City

J Martinez

Mexico DF

Jose Arturo Velarde Meraz

Flight Attendant, El Matador, First Proclaimer in Mexico; Mexico City

Santos Mercado Reyes

Director del Seminario FA Hayek, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana

Ted Nicholls

Retired Logging Truck Driver

Baja Calif Sur CP

Francisco Trespalacios

Steel Cable Importer, Mexico City


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Jose Anibal Olivas

Lawyer, First Signer of Proclamation in Nicaragua; Managua

Humberto Belli

Former Minister of Education

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Marc M Harris

Concerned Father, Founder of British Public Limited Company; El Dorado


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Susana Boggpano

San Isideo, Lima

G Contreras

Eau-Vive Restaurant, Lima

Yaneth C

Cusco Unbamba

Enrique Ghersi

Chairman, International Society of Individual Liberty (ISIL), Lima, Peru

Carmen Herrera

Virgin 3rd Order Carmelite, Dans le Sillon Missionaries, Eau-Vive Restaurant, Lima

K Maralline

Virgin 3rd Order Carmelite, Dans le Sillon Missionaries, Eau-Vive Restaurant, Lima

Fr Sebastian Kolodziejczyk

Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II Orphanage

Lucita Rios

Virgin 3rd Order Carmelite, Dans le Sillon Missionaries, Eau-Vive Restaurant, Lima

Edelina RC


Ana Santivanez

Virgin 3rd Order Carmelite, Dans le Sillon Missionaries, Eau-Vive Restaurant, Lima

Alicia Solso


Jose L Tapia

Economist & President of Free Market Think Tank, Lima

Francisco Victor

Taxi Driver, Lima

Mariana Zuniga


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Puerto Rico

Miguel Baret

Moca, PR

Jose Garcia

Moca, PR

Veronica Rhaburn

Part-time Homeschooling Mom of Three



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Luis Blanco

Candidate for Mayor

La Victoria, Aragua

Theo Eladio


Ana Franchi

Assistant Principal, Dugarbin School, Caracas

Jose Antonio Galavis

Industrial Engineer, Executive Director, Provive; Caracas

Ismael Garcia

Mayor of La Victoria

Blanca Rosa Gomez Lucema

Secretaria, La Victoria, Aragua

Sr Nhur Juque

Catholic Nun, Teacher, Missionaries of Nazareth, Caracas

Sr Leonice MC

Missionary of Charity, Orphanage for Brain-damaged Children

Oziander Lopez


Francisco Magallanes

Ingemiero/Engineer, Aragua

Tamar Manrique

Principal, Dagarbin School, Caracas

Maria Carolina Martinez

Abogodo, La Victoria, Aragua

Dani Mellado

Colaveradoria Orphanage for Boys,

La Victoria, Aragua

Yelianngi Mendoza

Periodista, La Victoria, Aragua

Henry Mendoza

Colavoradoria Orphanage for Boys,

La Victoria, Aragua

Jose V Mujica

Almasenista, La Victoria, Aragua

Gerardo Pinedo

Filosofo; Ececutive Director, Provive


Alisio Ramirez


Sr Encarnacion Saiz

Catholic Nun, Teacher Missionons de Nazaret, Caracas, DF

Jose Seger


Sr Susanna MC

Missionary of Charity, Orphanage for Brain-damaged Children

Fr Egler Tarimoza

Religioso-Orphanage for Brain-damaged Boys; La Victoria, Aragua

Christine Vollmer

Founder of Provive, Mother of Seven


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Special Milestones

Hal Jindrich RIP

First Signer of the Proclamation

Kameron Broadhead

10,000 Signer of the Proclamation

Pharmacist, Woodland Hills, Utah

Rigoberto Stewart

President, INLAP

First Signer of Proclamation in Costa Rica

Maria Alicia de Barri Entos

First Signer of Proclamation in

El Salvador

Fernando Monterroso

Universidad Francisco Marroquin, First University President to Sign Proclamation

Jose Arturo Velarde Meraz

Flight Attendant, El Matador

First Signer of Proclamation in Mexico

Jose Anibal Olivas


First Signer of Proclamation in Nicaragua


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