European Grand Prix - 95

Nurburgring - Germany

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Session Times

Friday 29th September
09h30 to 11h15 -
1st Free Session - Hill, Coulthard, Schumacher
13h00 to 14h00 - 1st Qualifying Session - Coulthard, Hill, Schumacher

Saturday 30th September
09h30 to 11h15 - 2nd Free Session - Hill, Coulthard, Frentzen
13h00 to 14h00 - 2nd Qualifying Session - Schumacher, Hill, Coulthard

The Grid - Coulthard, Hill, Schumacher

Sunday 1st October
09h30 to 10h00 - Warm-Up - Coulthard, Hill, Schumacher
14h00 to 16h00 - European Grand Prix - Schumacher, Alesi, Coulthard

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