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You are in good company if you use WordPress to publish yourself on the web. Here are some well known sites that are powered by WordPress. Want a blog like this yourself? Signup for WordPress.com, it takes 30 seconds.

Famous bloggers:


Robert Scoble, ex-Microsoft blogger, video blogger and author.


Om Malik knows and writes about the ins and outs of Silicon Valley like no other.


Jeff Jarvis, creator of Entertainment Weekly, writes about the future of publishing.


Mike Arrington runs one of the 10 most popular blogs on the web.


Big companies:


About.com, one of the biggest sites on the internet, has been switching their guide pages to run on WordPress.

nyt.gif The New York Times publishes over 25 WordPress powered blogs.

wsj.gif The Wall Street Journal uses WordPress to power several of their blogs.


Southwest Airlines runs a blog called Nuts about Southwest that is written by their employees about their customers, airports and airplanes.

cnet.gifDownload.com blogs, ZDNet blogs, and Help.com are all powered by WordPress.


Startups, schools and more:

rs.gif Rolling Stone Magazine brings you music news and gossip via the Rock and Roll Daily blog.

meebo.gifMeebo, an exciting Silicon Valley startup, stays in close touch with their customers via their great blog.

harvard.gif Harvard provides free blogs to Harvard, Radcliffe and Harvard Business School students.

WordPress is also run at MIT, Stanford, USF, and UFL. Here are some more links if you’re interested.