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Who am I?

My name is Michael Bernstein. I'm an information architect, which means that I design and build meaningful structures of information. My interests include Science Fiction Fandom, Open Source, and other self-organizing emergent phenomena.

What do I do?

I develop software, design websites and corporate identities, and I write.

I'm a consultant focusing on:

Lately, I've mostly been doing all this with the Zope web application platform and the Python programming languange.

If you need an information architect, please consider hiring me.

I co-authored a book about Zope called the Zope Bible.

I recently created a photo archive for the Python language community.

I started a Weblog, to record my 2002 trip to Israel. I started getting a lot of traffic and links to it after Passover. I'ts been on hiatus for quite some time now, but I will re-start it eventually.

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