Andrew Duck Will Fight to ...

     Renew American Leadership in the World

Andrew Duck in Iraq
He served side by side with our allies in Asia, Europe and the Middle East as an officer in the US Army for nearly twenty years. He will return much needed statesmanship to our foreign policy and work with our allies to defeat terrorism.

     Restore Sound Fiscal Policies

Integrity must be the basis for our fiscal policy. We must honor our promises to our seniors and not burden our children with high federal deficits.

     Repair Our Healthcare System

Our Healthcare System is broken. We must reduce the administrative burden, and return the focus to providing quality care for all of our people.

Issues that Matter to All of US

As a Veteran, a US citizen, a resident of Maryland and a father, Andrew Duck knows there are many issues of great concern facing all of us today. Our security, health, financial well being and our Constitutional rights are all at risk. Andrew Duck has fought for this country overseas and now he wants to fight in Congress for Fairness, Opportunity, Security, Families and our Future.

Andrew Duck with Max Cleland

We Can Make a Difference Together

To fight for what is right, it takes all of us to do what we can. Please join Andrew Duck in his campaign for Congress. Donate your voice, your talent, your time and give what you can to help him fight for you!

"The people of the Sixth District can cast a vote for him with pride, knowing that he will serve them as honorably as he has served his country."
- General Wesley Clark
"He has a clear, personal understanding about what has gone wrong in Iraq and has the credibility to argue how we can right our course. The people of Maryland must send him to Washington."
- Jon Soltz, executive director IAVAPAC

The Band of Brothers

We've heard from the pundits. We've heard from the chicken hawks. Now it's time for a unified voice of legitimate merit to be heard. Over 50 men and women who have answered their country's call to service, continue to serve their country by running as Democrats for Congress in 2006. Band of Brothers is an organization dedicated to delivering their message. Never before have so many Veterans run for Congressional office in support of one party, and never before have their services been so desperately needed.