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List of all DJ Tykx's Mixes Played on Techno Prisoners

DJ Tykx & Techno Prisoners! FAQ:*new!

Tranceportation, a 79 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Humate - 3.1 (Bedrock Remix)
2. Pod
- Saiko
3. Paragliders
- Lithium (Oliver Lieb Remix)
4. M1 - Heaven Scent (Michael Woods Club Mix)
5. Echoplex - Def by Stereo
6. M.I.K.E. Vs John '00' Fleming - Ice Cream
7. D Ramierz presents Kelia - Strings of Life
8. Tekara feat Xan
- Wanna Be an Angel (Art of Trance vs DBA Remix)
9. Armin Van Buuren - Control Freak
10. Moogwai -
Viola (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
11. Super 8
- Alba
12. Ronski Speed - 2Day
13. Aalto - Rush (Super 8 vs Orkidea Mix)
14. Blank & Jones
- Flowtation
15. 4 Strings - Back to Basics
DJ Tykx & Techno Prisoners! FAQ:

Q: Why do you call the station Techno Prisoners when you only play trance music and don't actually play any techno music?
A: The name was created because it sounded good, but also because the station used to play techno music, and also because trance music is still "techno" music in the more generic sense of the definition of "techno" music.

Q: I love your mixes! Did you write the music?
A: No, i don't write or compose the music in my mixes.  I take other people's music and mix it together to make something bigger.

Q: DJ Tykx, i really love your mix "_________"!! Where can i buy it?
A: Unfortunately, due to copyright and licensing laws, DJ Tykx's mixes are not available commercially. However, should circumstances change, Techno Prisoners! listeners and visitors to this site will be the first to know.

Q: But, i really love it! I must have it! If you just send my a copy i wont pay for it and i wont tell anyone, i promise!
A: Thanks, but i'm trying to keep things legal. If i stop playing by the rules, then the boys will come shut me down and we don't want that to happen.

Q: You keep telling us that you're working on your latest mix, but it's been months and it's not finished yet. What gives?
A: Unfortunately, this station does not pay the bills; the bills pay for the station.  Until that situation changes, the mix-making process will unfortunately have to find a place in my everyday busy schedule.
Bonus A: No, i don't like it either.

Q: What can i do to get you to finish your mixes quicker?
Bonus Q: What can i do to get your mixes available for sale?
A: Funny you should ask! There are two things you can do.
1) Donate money (or sign up for a VIP membership). This helps me do things like buy more CD's which always helps when i need music for my mixes. And if i make enough i can quit my day-job and run the station full-time!  Not likely, tho, considering this station is always running in the red.
2) Use your or your friends' music industry connections to get me a publishing deal. That way i can get the music in my mixes licensed so someone can start printing CD's.  Or, you can use your legal connections to help get me licenses to the music in my mixes so i can print and sell my own CD's.
3) Pray real hard.

Q: Why hasn't the site been updated in a long time?
A: I try to update it when i can, but it's not my day job, yet.

Q: I want to see you spin live!  Where can i see you spin?
A: Well, uh, i, uh, uhm, i, well, uhm, you see... ok, so i don't actually spin live on the 1's and 2's.  What i am is an internet radio DJ who also produces his own mixes on a computer.

Q: What?! You make your mixes on a computer?!  You're not a real DJ. I hate you.
A: Well, we all don't do things by the book and this is the best way i have found to make mixes that i love.  If you don't like the way i make them, that's your own opinion.  Thanks for at least taking the time to listen to them, tho.

Q: Do people really ask you all these questions?
A: Yes, they really do.


Trancepiration, a 75 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Robert Miles - One and Ones (Morales Journey Mix)
2. Greg Murray - Ursa Majoris (2004 Remix)
3. Kansai - Remember This Night (Original mix)
4. Push - The Legacy (Club Mix)
5. Aluna - All of My Life (Van Check & Fierce Mix)
6. Greg Murray - I Feel Loved (Original Mix)
7. Tiesto - Adagio for Strings
8. Moogwai - Keo
9. Darren Tate Vs. Jono Grant - Let the Light Shine In (Jono's Vox Mix)
10. X-Cabs - Infectious (Featuring Mark Coates)
11. Indiana - Do You Hear Me (Classified Project Remix)
12. Pob + Boyd - Luna (Rouge Mix)
13. Salt Tank - Eugina (Michael Woods Mix)
14. System F - Solstice
Trancemogrifier, a 70 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Cypher - 7 Theories in Human Nature
2. Plastic Boy - Silver Bath
3. Solarstone - Solarcoaster
4. Exposure - Magic Impulse
5. QED - Hardly a Day (Kid Vicious Mix)
6. The Matrix - Protect the Innocent
7. Snap! Vs Plaything - Do You See the Light (Remix 2002)
8. Redd Square ft. Tiff Lacey - In Your Hands (Minimalistix Mix)
9. Astral Projection - Infinite Justice
10. Rob Tissera - Burning (Prime Move Mix)
11. Astral Projection - Electric Blue
Tranceresister, a 70 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Ferry Corsten - Star Traveler
2. Paul Van Dyk - Crush
3. Transa - Escada
4. Bedrock - Heaven Scent
5. Gouryella - Gouryella
6. 4 Strings - Love is Blind
7. Perpetuous Dreamer - Dust.wav (Dj Encore edit)
8. Ferry Corsten - Hearts Connected
9. Jacob & Mendez - Moondust (airbase remix)
10. Armin van Buuren - Precious
11. Epsilon 9 - Lifeformation
12. Transa
- Enervate (Original mix)
Tranceition, a 73 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Armin van Buuren - Slipstream (ft Airwave)
2. Perpetuous Dreamer - Sound of Goodbye (Above and Beyond Club Mix)
3. Ferry Corsten - Right of Way
4. DJ Tatana - Yellow
5. Armin van Buuren - Wait For You (song for the ocean ft. victoria horn)
6. Perpetuous Dreamer - Dust.wav (Armin's remix)
7. Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (armin van buuren's uniersal religion remix)
8. Ferry Corsten - Sublime
9. 4 Strings - Eastern Vibe
10. Armin van Buuren - Blue Fear 2003
11. Ian Van Dahl - Try
12. Airbase
- the end (feat beman)
Trancescendence, a 70 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Astral Projection Liquid Sun
2. Paul Van DykKaleidoscope
3. S.H.O.K.K. - Isn't It All a Little Strange (Fluttlich remix)
4. MotorcycleAs the Rush Comes (Above & Beyond's Dynaglide Remix)
5. California SunshineSummer 89 (remix)
6. Montini TraxxThe Sound of Innocence (Jamie's Extended Mix)
7. The Acid Gang Red Setting
8. Coretex Passage of Life (12" Edit)
9. Baltes vs. StevensEternal Silence (Vocal Club Mix)
10. Astral Projection Chaos
11. Analog Pussy
Galactic Intercore
TranceUniversal, an 80 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Astral Projection Searching for UFO's
2. TechnixiaDawn of a New Era
3. Colin McNeil - Cloudscience
4. Astral Projection – Heaven's Gate
5. UnderworldMoaner
6. 4 StringsSummer Sun [Ibiza Mix]
7. Leftfield Space Shanty
8. Icebird The Beach
9. Ian Van DahlSatisfy Me
10. Plastic Angel Pascale
11. Audioplacid On Waves
12. Lish Dead Yet
13. Paul Van Dyk Spellbound
14. Astral Projection People Can Fly

List of DJ Tykx's Mixes Previously Played on Techno Prisoners

Tranceformation, a 65 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Analog Pussy Extended Memory
2. LishHollywood Superstar
3. Mother - Howler Monkey
4. California SunshineWonderland
5. Paul Van DykNothing But You (PVD Club Mix)
6. Darude v Robert MilesChildren of the Sandstorm
7. X-cabs Cut to Zero
8. Icebird Arctic Breeze
9. Jacob & MendezMoondust (airbase remix)
10. Astral Projection Dancing Galaxy
Voice Trance Mission, a 72 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Eskobar w/Heather Nova Someone New [airbase remix]
2. AirbaseMagic Silence (intro)
3. Oceanlab - Sky Falls Down [armin van buren remix]
4. Ascension w/Erin Lordan – For a Lifetime [oceanlab remix]
5. 4 StringsTake Me Away (Into the Night) [vocal club mix]
6. Tillmann UhrmacherOn the run [ocean to shore mix]
7. 4 Strings Diving [original vocal mix]
8. Oceanlab Clear Blue Water [ferry corsten remix]
9. LangeDrifting Away [original mix]
10. Oceanlab Far From In Love [airbase remix]
11. Airbase The Answer [airbase remix]
12. Airbase Magic Silence (intro) [reprise]
Trancegression, a 77 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Audioplacid - Where am I? [rough mix]
2. Blank & Jones - Watching the Waves [moon mix]
3. Tillmann UhrmacherOn the run [ocean to shore mix]
4. Gouryella - Ligaya [airbase remix]
5. 4 StringsTake Me Away (Into the Night) [vocal club mix]
6. LangeDrifting Away [original mix]
7. AudioplacidParadise
8. Alibi - Eternity [the thrillseekers remix]
9. Plastic AngelTrancespotting
10. Mike JSarah [presented by airbase]
11. AscensionFor a Lifetime [ocean lab remix]
Trancefuzzled, an 65 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Phantom First Time on This Planet
2. Energy ProtonNo Hate, Only Love
3. Analog Pussy - Organic Sync
4. Influence 2.2 – V2.0
5. ProdigyEverybody in the Place [155 and Rising]
6. HallucinogenSpace Pussy
7. Coretex Lay You Wings Around me [12" Edit]
8. Analog Pussy Plastic Fantastic
9. Derk Von UberstellThe Bringer of All Delights
10. Astral Projection State of Mind
11. Coretex Phanerosis
12. Analog Pussy Intra Persona
Trancelucent, a 60 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Astral Projection - In-Novation
2. 4 Strings - Diving [original version]
3. Energy 52Cafe Del Mar [dj kid paul mix]
4. Airbase - T-Pod
5.  OceanlabClear Blue Water [ferry corsten remix]
6. AudioplacidMoonflight [club mix]
7. CoretexIncarnation [12" Edit]
8. Plastic Angel - Afterglow
 9. DuMondeTomorrow [moogwai remix]
10. Astral ProjectionBurning Up [main mix]
Tranceparent, a 70 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. Coretex - Human Error
2. Plastic Angel - Be My Angel
3. T a l l a 3Take Me Away
4. Scarab - Dreamer [airbase refined version]
5. AudioplacidPray to Heaven [remastered]
6. Astral ProjectionAnother World
7. MotherOverflow [single mix]
8. Trance Control - Dream of Trance
9. The Scarab - Soul Sailor [presented by airbase]
10. CoretexDream
Trancefusion, a 65 minute mix by DJ Tykx
1. The Dream Traveler - Time [original mix]
2. DJ Inertia - Trigger Happy
3. Analog PussyBeautiful Stars
4. Airbase - Moon - Wave
5. LiquinoidAtmosphere
6. Analog PussyShperma Pornomatic
7. Aura (source of trance)- Destination Skyline [club mix]
8. Milk Inc - Livin' A Lie
9. Pont Aeri SylverForever in Love
10. AudioplacidSunset

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