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Personal Research and Papers: This section of the site represents some work I've been doing over the last few months, and offers you some of the papers I have worked on over this time period.

ColdFusion 5.0 for Apache 2.0.x on Linux
    Update: Apache 2.0.44 and higher can use the version of mod_coldfusion.so compiled below for 2.0.44.
    I have been trying to figure out why ColdFusion doesn't have a working mod_coldfusion.so file for the Linux platform. As a result, I have spent way too much time researching the new Apache 2.0 API and working with the source of mod_coldfusion.c (modified by Dwayne). Finally, I had success, and am posting the mod_coldfusion.so for Linux which I have tested under Apache 2.0.39.

        mod_coldfusion.so for Apache 2.0.39
        mod_coldfusion.so for Apache 2.0.40
        mod_coldfusion.so for Apache 2.0.43
        mod_coldfusion.so for Apache 2.0.44

        mod_coldfusion.so for Apache 1.3.28

  1. uncompress the tarball file (tar xvfz mod_colfusion.so.tar.gz)
  2. copy the .so file to your APACHE_HOME/modules directory (usually /usr/local/apache/modules)
  3. Add the following lines to your Apache httpd.conf file:
      LoadModule coldfusion_module modules/mod_coldfusion.so
      AddHandler type-coldfusion dbm cfm
  4. Start your server up, and hope that it all works!
Information Retrieval Search Engine / Indexer
    The IRaq online data retrieval system was was primarily written in Perl, with some C, and an HTML/CGI interface. This was developed for a school project at Dalhousie University for Dr. Mike Shepherd as part of his Information Retrieval course. For detailed information on how this application works, please read the "about" section!
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Electronic Commerce Software (Perl, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP)
    Starting in the summer of 1996, I began developing Electronic Commerce software for W3 Internet Services. Naturally, during my days at Dalhousie University's Computer Science program, I wrote a number of school related projects in PHP, Perl, C, ColdFusion and Active Server Pages. Over time, many of the sites I have worked on and developed have been expanded and re-worked. However, I played an important role at W3 Internet in designing the W3 Commerce software application.

    Working with Luke Blaikie, we designed and developed version 2.0 and 3.0 of W3 Commerce in Perl and Java. Then as time moved forward and W3 adopted the ColdFusion development platform, I wrote W3 Commerce 4.0 from scratch in CFML. As our client's needs grew, I found myself building new functionality into version 4.0 and decided to move forward with the design scheme for W3 Commerce 5.0. Rob Cromwell and I began designing this software package to allow all the features and functions of a multi-currency, multi-language, multi-store shopping system for use on the web. I played a key role in organizing the team to build W3 Commerce 5.0 until Rob's departure from W3 in the spring of 2000. After that, I primarily spent my time working on Network Engineering issues and system administration amongst other things. Vincent Grovestine took over from there, and the final software package can be found at the following example sites:

    • W3 Commerce Web Site (view)
    • (this is gracious advertising for W3 he he he)
    • 3T Supplies AG (view) (W3 Commerce 4.0)
    • Die Schweizerische Vereinigung Fuer Ernaehrung (view) select "shop"
Dalhousie University On-Line Course System
    This is an application built to contain the entire Dalhousie University courses, as well as providing a location for students to change their registration information, view assigned marks, as well as create timetables, and exam schedules automatically based on a student ID number and password. I undertook this project during the winter months of 1999 with Ryan Rushton for an MBA course in Visual Basic application programming. The database back-end is provided by Microsoft Access 97, and the front-end application is Visual Basic web classes.
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Electronic Commerce Demo Site
    Spin Records online is a site designed to show off the abilities of the Cold Fusion development environment. This application is based on a Microsoft Access database that provides the content while the CFML is being used to control how the user interacts with the database. This was developed in the Spring of 1999 as a new learning experience. Credits go out to those who helped build the system Ryan Rushton, Alan DeCastro and myself
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Frank Fisher's Basket Weaving Quest I
    This is a game that was programmed by Ville Ahoen, and Brian Lingley. I have been kind enough to distribute it under the GPL (meaning it is a free game!). If you like it, drop a note in the guestbook.
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