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Bristol's Georgian House Museum



Living history at The Georgian House

This historic Georgian townhouse can be found just off bustling Park Street, near the Cabot Tower, and provides a fascinating insight into the day to day existence of master and servant!

The Georgian House is an exquisite example of Bristol's 18th century heritage, illustrating how the city profited from being one of England's premier trading ports. It featured in the BBC TV production of A Respectable Trade, Philippa Gregory's novel about slavery in the 1790s.

Originally home to John Pinney, a West India merchant, the house is displayed as it might have looked in the 18th century. It was also home to the slave Pero, (after whom Pero's Bridge at the Harbourside is named), and the displays illustrate life both above and below stairs.

Its appearance from outside is wholly deceptive. There are six storeys in total, four of which are open to visitors. The rooms are decorated as closely as possible to the original schemes and contain furniture of the period. Here is a taster of what to expect in just two of the rooms!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is fully equipped with roasting spit and an abundance of authentic utensils. It is easy to imagine how the servants would have spent hours tirelessly conducting household chores for their master.

In the basement, the original cold-water plunge bath lined with stone is probably the only example in Bristol of an 18th century indoor bathing pool.

Other rooms you can see are two elegant drawing rooms, a bedroom and library.

A small display explains how the proceeds from commercial trading and the transatlantic slave trade have been a significant factor in shaping the city of Bristol we know today.

To complete your visit, take a short walk to the footbridge located in the harbourside and named after John Pinney's black slave, Pero.




Location and contact details

Bristol's Georgian House
7 Great George Street, Bristol BS1 5RR

Map showing location of the museum

Tel: 0117 921 1362
Email: general_museum@bristol-city.gov.uk


Opening hours

The Museum is open the following hours:

Monday10am - 5pm
Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am -5pm
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm


Access information

Due to the age and layout of the house, access is limited with lots of stairs and no lift. No accessible toilet.


Getting there

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