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Apple Server Solutions

File and Print
Xserve is a high-performance, affordable solution for delivering powerful file and print services to Mac, Windows and UNIX systems throughout your organization.
Desktop Management
Xserve makes the most of your network resources — and your administrators’ time — by simplifying management of desktop computers and workgroups.
Web Server
Xserve is an ideal platform for deploying powerful web solutions — easily, reliably and affordably.
Media Streaming
Xserve and Mac OS X Server combine with Apple QuickTime, the industry-standard platform for digital media, to deliver a powerful, easy-to-deploy solution for cross-platform media streaming.

Additional Software

Apple Remote Desktop 3
Desktop management made easy.
The easiest way to build powerful web services.
Collaboration Services for Mac OS X Server.

Collaboration Services

iChat Server is configured to provide services to the organization’s domain.

Users can exchange files and URLs.

Users are authenticated using Open Directory.

Jabber-based clients running Windows or Linux can join the chat.

Mac OS X Tiger systems use iChat or other Jabber client to join the chat.

Transcripts of chats can be saved for later reference.

Mac OS X Server v10.4 introduces new services — based on open standards — that make it easy for users in your organization to collaborate efficiently. Use iChat Server to enable secure instant messaging among Mac, Windows and Linux clients. And use the new Weblog Server to allow users and groups to share information and publish RSS content quickly and easily.

iChat AV

Your own private IM server

Popularized by AOL and others, instant messaging is rapidly becoming a primary communication medium for organizations of all sizes. But instant messaging services by default are not encrypted, which means that any text messages and files exchanged can be compromised. With the new iChat Server in Mac OS X Server v10.4, you can deploy your own secure IM server within your organization. So team members can brainstorm solutions, make plans, exchange URLs or transfer files — without worrying about outsiders intercepting confidential information. iChat Server includes support for secure multi-user chat using SSL, file transfers, and point-to-point connections between IM clients for audio, video and multi-way audio and video.

iChat Server

Managing iChat Server

With Mac OS X Server v10.4 and the powerful Server Admin application, you can quickly configure and enable a private iChat Server using your own namespace. Just designate which domain names your iChat Server should support and specify SSL certificates to ensure secure communications. iChat Server works seamlessly with Open Directory for account information and authentication, so you can leverage existing user accounts stored in your Open Directory server, Active Directory or other LDAP-based directory server. The iChat Server also leverages the new service access control list (ACL) feature in Mac OS X Server v10.4, giving you fine-grained control over which users or groups are permitted to use your iChat Server.

Open Source Jabber Protocol

iChat Server is based on the popular Jabber project, so it works with Mac OS X Tiger iChat AV, as well as with Jabber clients available for Windows, Linux and even popular PDAs. The Jabber open source project uses an open source XML-based IM protocol with built-in security.

Blog Entry

Blogging with Weblog Server

The Weblog Server in Mac OS X Server v10.4 turns everyone in your organization into a publisher. Enable this Blojsom-based Weblog Server and grant publishing access to individual users or groups on your network — in seconds. With Mac OS X Server, non-technical individuals can share information and syndicate content on the web using HTML, RSS, RSS2, RDF and ATOM protocols — and a selection of Apple-designed blog themes makes it easy to get started. The Weblog Server supports both user and group blogs, calendar-based navigation and integration with Open Directory for authentication and access controls.

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