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An Overview of Eden Grove Academy School 

Our History, Mission, and Goal
Eden Grove Academy is one of the many Christian Schools governed by the Pillar of Fire Ministries from New Jersey to California.  It was founded in 1921 by Alma White of Pillar of Fire International, an evangelical church in the traditions of John Wesley, and other evangelical churches.

Our school shares and works together with those from every background and race desiring to shape their lives with faith and integrity, as well as a good academic foundation.  These principles are essential for growth of good citizenship wherein lies the hope for our  country's future.

The mission of Eden Grove Academy is to provide high academic standards and expectations in a Christ-centered environment.  We are a private school, but we are also uniquely a Christian School.  We seek to educate students in academic subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Reading, and History.  In our teaching of  the basic subjects, we present a Biblical world view which places Christ as Creator, Savior, and Lord.

 Our school is located in College Hill and is a part of a tri-fold ministry.  Since 1961  W.A.K.W. radio station has been on the air; a 50,000-watt Christian radio station.  Pillar Community Chapel is a Pillar of Fire church that is a part of this tri-fold ministry as well.  We are not a “church school”.  We are interdenominational, and our administration is separate from the church.

Should you be interested in more information about Eden Grove Academy, or if you would like to arrange for classroom visitation, please contact us . We invite you to consider Eden Grove Academy as the choice for your child's education. You'll find a deeply committed teaching staff, an actively involved parent association, a nurturing learning environment and happy children, all upheld by God's grace.